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Ari Borovoy Reveals Details of Belinda’s ‘2000’s Pop Tour’ Contract

The incorporation of Belinda to the 2000’s Pop Tour It surprised his fans, since at the beginning of the year the information circulated that he would have refused to be part of the tour at first after revealing the poster of the artists that would be in the debut edition; however, the singer has changed her mind, but, how did they convince her?

In an interview for the show windowing, ari boroboy -who is in charge of the organization and management of the musical event- revealed details of Belinda’s contract to be in the show and confirmed that no artist comes for free.

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Ari Borboy pointed out that the agreement with Belinda for him to agree to be part of it 2000’s Pop Tour It has been in the works for several months. He also assured that his goal is always to offer a considerable salary with which the artist feels comfortable.

We always have to weigh being able to pay an artist so that they feel comfortable and happy, which is always a priority. We also have to take care that this is not going to last a single concert, that is, that it can be a good business so that we can continue investing and reinvesting. With Belinda we have been talking for a long time“.

It should be remembered that months ago Martha Figueroa revealed on the program Excuse me that the Spanish -who was still engaged to Nodal- rejected the offer to join the tour because “The cast isn’t up to it.”

“The one that they were going to present as part of the super mega star project, spearhead, was Belinda. Because they said ‘if Belinda goes to the concerts, it will fill us up’. We found out that they offered her the most expensive contract in the story of Bobo Producciones, of Ary’s company (Borovoy) and that he did not accept,” said the driver at the time.

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Belinda (Instagram)

Ari Boroboy responds to controversies between Sharis Cid and OV7

The singer also ruled on the statements of Sharis Cid, who a few weeks ago declared that he did not participate in the reunion of his ex group DKDA for the 90’s Pop Tour because they did not want to pay him 50 thousand pesos.

I found out about Sharis through social networks. I didn’t even get to make an offer. The only thing that seemed a pity to me was that she didn’t go on stage with her classmates. What I can assure you is that no one was free.”

Secondly, Ari Boroboy stated that he does not know any information about the OV7 bioseriesThis after Mariana Ochoa shared that the life of the seven members of the band is already being reflected in the production scripts.

I still don’t know anything about the series at all. The last meeting I had was with the producer Pepe Bastón and he told me that they were going to look for me. That happened a few months ago, the little I know is that it takes a long time to make a series. I am open to listen,” he added.


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