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Ari Borovoy reacted to the accusations of fraud by Edith Márquez and Ana Bárbara

The singer reacted to the problems with Ana Bárbara and Edith Márquez (Photos: Instagram/@edithmarquezlanda/@ariborovoy/@anabarbaramusic)

The controversy for Ari Borova seems not to end, despite the fact that the producer is also in charge of the successful tours of the 90’s Y 2000′s Pop Toursome artists continue to complain about his facet as a businessman because what began a few years ago with the great rupture and controversy with OV7 has escalated to personalities like Edith Marquez Y Ana Barbara.

The singer reacted in a recent meeting with various media about what happened to the singers after the tour they had together did not result in more dates as originally planned, causing the fury of the former member of Timbiriche Y The Grupper Queen. After being accused of being fraudulent, although there is not a single formal complaint against him, Borovoy spoke about it.

I believe that facts speak louder than a thousand words, words are carried away by the wind of many people. I understand what I do and the truth is that I have said it, I am grateful. That they speak, I thank them very much because there is nothing. Of those dial 13 demands there is not one, there was not a single one”, The actor also began to mention.

The OV7 member assured that there is no lawsuit against him (Photo: Screenshot)
The OV7 member assured that there is no lawsuit against him (Photo: Screenshot)

One of the people who ruled out working in any field with the businessman was Edith Márquez, after the problems they had due to the tour that did not have the expected success and reception, something that OV7 fans do not attribute to him, but to the work of the hit singer like Even if it’s in another life, Do not worry about me Y That kiss.

I haven’t had contact with her for a long time., but I hope, as I have always said, that she is very well and that she is doing very well. But not just her, I don’t know an artist who hasn’t complained about a record companyI don’t know an artist who hasn’t badmouthed a manager or so,” he added.

The interpreter of great pop hits like One foot after another foot, I love you so, so much Y look me in the eyes talked about the possible reconciliation he had with Ana Bárbara, after she gave him some warm words after his presentation at a concert by The Academy: 20 yearsin which OV7 was presented for the first time together after all the controversies that have surrounded them for a few years.

The presentation was applauded by the fans (Photo Instagram: @laacademiatv)
The presentation was applauded by the fans (Photo Instagram: @laacademiatv)

“The truth suspended mebecause well I went to sing with OV7 to The academy and she finished giving me some very nice words, of those that you do not expect. Well, we had a tour with her and Edith Márquez that, due to different situations, did not last as long as we all would have liked, or at least as long as some or the vast majority wanted it to last, “he concluded.

The fight between Borovoy and Marquez

A few months ago the interview was published that Mara Patricia Castañeda did to the singer, in it the former Timbiriche He assured that his experience with the Borovoy brothers was “the most unpleasant” who has lived as a singer, although he did not want to talk about the reason.

Ari was questioned about these statements by the program First hand and he denied with annoyance what was said by the interpreter of Let’s leave it that way.

The singer did not think anything bad about her Photos: Instagram @ariborovoy / @edithmarquezlanda
The singer did not think anything bad about her Photos: Instagram @ariborovoy / @edithmarquezlanda

“It seems out of place that he commented on that, for us it was not like that, the end was not like that either, then certain things happened that I am not going to comment on, but it would seem fair to me that if they ask you ‘how did it go with Fool (Productions)?’ , say it”, said the singer, different from the current version.


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