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#ArgentinoPorUnDía, with Sebastián Yatra: his love for sandwiches and his desire to live in PatagoniaInfobae presents a new series of interviews in which he will guide renowned international artists to immerse themselves in the world of traditions and well-argented foods. The Colombian artist was the guest of the first episode where he tried different foods and talked about his visit to the country

Argentine for a day: today, Sebastián Yatra

What is the first thing you would do with a foreigner in Argentina? Would you take him out to eat? Would you tell him about our customs? Would you show him the main iconic points of your city? There are many options and forms, but we all agree that any of them will arouse your fascination with our country.

#ArgentinoForADay is a original production of Infobae that will invite the world’s leading artists who come to Buenos Aires to perform their shows to enter the universe of our idiosyncrasies. From a breakfast in the open air with mate and croissants to a walk along Corrientes Avenue to eat pizzas and empanadas, the musicians will try different foods, learn about our history and experience, even for a day, the feeling of being Argentine.

At the first meeting we shared a picnic with Sebastian Yatrathe Colombian singer, finished his tour in Argentina, where he gave shows in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Mendoza, Córdoba, Rosario and Salta, within the framework of the Dharma Tours. “I think this is the first time I’ve had a picnic in a long time,” she clarified, as she tried to figure out what foods were in the basket.

Sebastián Yatra is a regular visitor to Argentina; For this reason, many words of our lunfardo are already incorporated

The artist is a confessed lover of Argentina and knows quite well various customs of these lands. At the age of 11, he traveled with his family to Bariloche and from that moment he was fascinated with Patagonia, which he visited on three other occasions. “One falls in love with that place, I am very impressed by the sky. Someday I would like to live there”, Sebastian recalled about that first impression he got when he saw our southern mountains.

Infobae prepared a basket full of typical foods from our country for Yatra to rate. But first he had to go through the #ArgentityTest to check how much you know about Argentina. Confident for having visited the country several times, the 27-year-old musician had to recognize various celebrities from the entertainment and sports world (from Mirtha Legrand Y Juan roman riquelme until Richard Fort), explain what the SUBE card is for and how to play tejo.

The interpreter of “Red Heels” Y “Couple of the Year” He mentioned that he tries to take care of himself with meals in the middle of his tours, but Argentine gastronomy is one of his favorites. “I drank a lot of wine in Mendoza and ate a lot of empanadas in Salta”, pointed out the provinces he visited during his tour. Before opening the basket, she warned: “I know a lot about what they eat here, but let’s see if they show me something I don’t know…”

A lover of Argentinian gastronomy, Sebastián Yatra had difficulties preparing our much-loved mate but was fascinated by the ruana from our lands
A lover of Argentinian gastronomy, Sebastián Yatra had difficulties preparing our much-loved mate but was fascinated by the ruana from our lands

At first, he rated the meat milanesa (he prefers with lemon), the meat empanada (baked are his favorites), the crumb sandwiches, which he took advantage of every free time to give him another bite. And then he moved on to the sweeter dishes, like the croissant and the cupcakes, and closed the tasting with a quince watcher. These last two were the first time he tried them. To digest all the food he took a fernet with cola; he had already tasted it on his previous visits to Córdoba.

Then he went to most difficult challenge: prepare a mate. According to her account, she likes to take it bitter and knows how to feed it, although the tests say otherwise. Everything was perfect until a mistake with the light bulb ruined his preparations, and between laughs, he said: “I already see all the memes on the Internet: ‘Please, don’t let anyone make me a mate like Yatra’”.

To close the program, Yatra had to demonstrate their knowledge of the words that Argentines use the most in everyday life, such as “chabón”, “facha”, “bondi”, “careta”. Thanks to the numerous times he visited the country, he had no problem imitating us and put together a perfect phrase: “Look, man, I got on the bondi with a tremendous look and I met a girl who went crazy and drove me crazy asshole. I already grabbed the phone and let’s go to the bowling alley.

Three years had passed since his last visit to the country and, in the middle of the interview, he clarified that he is already thinking of returning. “Here they treat me incredible, I don’t want to leave. Once when you go to Ezeiza and take off on the plane, you get a feeling of nostalgia”, said Sebastián Yatra about Argentina.


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