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#ArgentinoPorUnDía with Justin Quiles, the reggaeton player who drinks mate and was fascinated by the stuffed fugazzettaThe Latin singer was the guest of the second episode of this cycle of Infobae, in which renowned international artists are invited to immerse themselves in the world of traditions. He tried Argentine pizza for the first time, was fascinated by the empaadas and talked about his visit to the country

Argentine for a day – Justin Quiles

Is there a better idea to seduce a foreigner with the charm of Argentina than to invite him to eat? Whether it is a barbecue in one of the best grills, a choripán in a street stall or a pizza on Corrientes Avenue, whatever of all these options, we are sure that they will awaken your fascination for our country.

This episode of #ArgentinoForADay had as protagonist Justin Quiles. The American singer of Puerto Rican descent arrived in the country as part of his tour The Last Promise. gave a show at the moon park of two hours, which had, among other surprises, Cazzu Y Duki as guests, two artists who have already collaborated on their work. The urban artist had already performed at the traditional Buenos Aires stadium in 2016, when he played with Yandel Y Archangel. At that moment she began to develop her dream of filling a Luna Park as a soloist.

Under the premise of “never in my life had I tasted pizza from Argentina”Justin visited with Infobae one of the classic pizzerias on Calle Corrientes, a few blocks from the Obelisk: Guerrin. The tasting began with some meat empanadas. The singer he chose them fried, because “everything fried tastes better”. He was delighted, since they reminded him of the ones he eats in his country.

Justin Quiles, in Guerrin

Then we went to the main dishes: Quiles had to try different flavors of pizzas and in the end, put together a ranking of his favorites. At first he was a bit suspicious about eating, everything was carefully analyzed (as if following the rule that food enters through the eyes) and he preferred small portions so as not to be surprised. Before each dish that was placed on the table, he would ask: “What is? What is it made of?”.

first tried the classic mozzarella but with an Argentinian twist, accompanied with fainá. “It’s very good! The cheese, divine. But I liked the empanada better, “said the Puerto Rican. The breaking moment came when he savored the stuffed fugazzetta. her eyes remained dazzled and he was excited when he referred to the onion pizza with ham and cheese. “It’s delicious! This is not in my country. Me, if I had a pizzeria, I would only sell this flavor. and pies”, he remarked excitedly. Finally, with more obligation than conviction, he ate the anchovy pizza: “It’s not my style”, he was honest.

Justin Quiles was fascinated by the stuffed fugazzetta, but he wanted nothing to do with the anchovies
Justin Quiles was fascinated by the stuffed fugazzetta, but he wanted nothing to do with the anchovies

To continue adding Argentine elements to the lunch, Justin accompanied the meal with a classic of pizzerias: the muscat. “These two together (the drink and the pizza) they are breaking all the levels. I love!”. When putting together her final ranking, she left the anchovy in last place, the mozzarella with fainá came later, and the winner was the stuffed fugazzetta pizza, which she remembered with another bite whenever she could.

After trying the pizzas, Justin got to know the Obelisk and went through the Argentine Dictionary and the Argentine Blood Test, segments where knowledge about our country is put to the test. Before starting, the musician warned that he knows something about us, since he has worked with some local artists such as Cazzu, Duki, Bizarre Y L-Ghentand that in his house in Miami he usually drinks a mate from time to time but always sweet.

  Justin Quiles in front of a Buenos Aires classic: the Obelisk
Justin Quiles in front of a Buenos Aires classic: the Obelisk

Justin had a bit of trouble answering what they mean Cheboli (bowling), ATR (in full swing) Y cool (all good), words that we usually use colloquially. He was also asked what they mean by recognized phrases of Diego Maradona such as “they cut off my legs” or “the turtle escaped you”, but in neither was successful. His only success was in “don’t put on the cap”. And he told that his favorite Argentine word is “boludo”.

Before starting the Argentinity Test, he warned that he does not know much about football and made it clear. He was unable to name any other national player beyond Messi and Maradona. Leaving the soccer and current affairs questions behind, the reggaeton player recognized the photos of Marcelo Tinelli and La Mona Jiménez (he took the classic little step with his hand), he correctly answered that Rodrigo Good he was a quartet artist and he closed the note eating an alfajor of dulce de leche.

Justin Quiles, benchmark of Latin music
Justin Quiles, benchmark of Latin music

Justin Rafael Quiles Rivera, was born on March 29, 1990 in Connecticut, but soon after his family returned to Puerto Rico. That is where he began to take his first steps in the Latin music scene. The song “Pride”from 2014, was one of his first successes and that allowed him to continue growing in the world of urban industry.

His themes “Jeans” Y “Medal” exceed 300 million views Spotify. Apart from her career as a solo artist, J Quiles He also has a great career as a composer of recognized global reggaeton hits. “downtown”of Anitta Y J Balvinan artist with whom he would also work in “Crazy with you”; “Bichota”of Carol Gand more topics with daddy yankee, Rosalia Y Becky Gamong others.

#ArgentinoForADay is a production of Infobae that accompanies the world’s leading artists who come to Buenos Aires to perform their shows to enter the universe of our practices. From an outdoor breakfast with mate and croissants to a stroll through San Telmo and a barbecue, the musicians will try different foods, learn about our history and will experience the feeling of being Argentine, even for a day.


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