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Argentina’s huge party Brash reaches Japan, but its organizers will not be able to go

meeting will be This Friday, April 8 at midnight at the Sound Museum in Vision, a famous nightclub in Tokyo with a capacity of a thousand people. As if it were a mysterious sign, the brash party descends in Japan during the season of Cherry BlossomTypical flower of this Argentine festival which was born in 2016.

Although the brash has already been celebrated in other countries of the world such as United States, Spain, Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru and ParaguayArriving in Japan – as they complete six years of their creation – is a dream come true for both its organizers and Argentine fans.

This was explained by one of its creators, the DJ and Artistic Producer ‘Broder’: “When we had our first party, which was a wonderful date, one of those you will remember for a lifetime, we saw each other and had many visions; We always dream of being in the whole world And to be able to export what we have made”.

Brash in Miami became another routine in the city.  photo press

Brash in Miami became another routine in the city. photo press

“Always We relied heavily on who we were, We have and in Bresh, it’s still surprising to see how it was actually made by hand, In very different places of the world they consider it their own“, assured Broder.

Japan and Argentina, what unites us

Japan and Argentina are two geographically distant countries, even 12 hours apart—literally. day and night– there anyway the many cultural elements that unite them, Like pop and anime, and that’s where Brash wants to focus and trend.

“It’s going to be an interesting experiment, the good thing is that Brash’s first Japanese experience is going to be a conversation, back and forth between our style and what we are going to get from their culture; Maybe after the first party we’ll figure out a thousand more new things”, ‘Bröder’ goes on about this exchange that they hope will happen with Tokyo,

Despite the pleasure of performing on the Asian continent, Dream of living the brash experience in Japan tarnished for its creators, As a result of the hygiene measures enforced by the coronavirus pandemic, they are not allowed to enter the country as tourists, so They will not be able to travel and will have to coordinate the event virtually from Argentina.

party general builder, Laura Venturaexplained: “This is the first time that a party is going to be held without any of us, internally we are opening up a new way of production, We’ve never done anything like this remotely, it’ll be a new way for us to live the party too,

A variant of the giant brash party, now exported to Japan.  photo press.

A variant of the giant brash party, now exported to Japan. photo press.

,we will be in constant touch With the organizers there, who are putting everything on their shoulders, the interesting thing is that it starts there at 12 pm, but will be here at 12 noon, which will be the first time that let’s live a new day”, highlighted Laura Ventura.

Regarding the next locations where they plan to expand, the general producer states that their “ultimate dream was always Japan, as a launch”.

,It would be amazing to brash in China tooTokyo might be our gateway to Asia, although we haven’t even thought about it yet, it would be great; For Bresh it is a dream that the Argentine party reaches all parts of the worldWith our flag and our happiness”.

tiktoker grandfather also went to bresho

While celebrated globally, Bresh continues with its editions in all corners of the country, and one of them was Famous 87 year old influencer BelitoJoe went viral for ordering “a big Neapolitan pizza with lots of garlic”.

"Bellito", the grandfather who is all the rage on TikTok.

“Bellito”, the grandfather who is all the rage on TikTok.

There’s more to Rafael “Bellito” Garcia than two million followers Amidst all his social networks and a very formal style – brash arrived with sack and cane – attended the party from the stage And he said a few words to all his followers, who were amazed to see him there.

“The truth is that I’m still overwhelmed by the welcome of the youthAnd the affection and warmth of the people around me,” Belito said on her Instagram the next day.

The 87-year-old influencer has won the affection of all his followers and has thousands of fans across the country. But, what many people don’t know is that Belito has faced many health problems in recent times and that is He is currently battling prostate cancer., None of that stops him from enjoying his loyal and famous Argentine party.


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