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Areth de la Torre on Tinder? How accurate is your “profile”

Arath de la Torre en Tinder

The actor was named as “Bewafa” after the “discovery” that he is on a dating app despite being married.

Mexico City.- meaning of tower It has become a controversial image, as a new scandal is affecting its image. Now it is an alleged profile on Tinder (a dating app).

Netizens have taken note accused the actor Presenter and comedian Jodian i must be being unfaithful With his wife with whom he has been married for 14 years.

“Arth de la Torre” on Tinder

It was this reform that made it known that aratho caught the attention of netizens, who found it to be active a profile on tinder, despite the fact that the actor is married to actress Susie Lu since April 1, 2007.

Despite the uproar on social networks, the same medium was able to Confirm that this is a false profile, although it is unknown who The identity of the actor grabbed.

“In this age of modernity, hackers and technologies to spy on people, identity theft of any user easy, so we found out that the new victim was meaning of tower, who claim they opened a profile on tinder With their data, so that their fans don’t get excited,” Reforma said.

The driver is in the crosshairs of a critical eye after engaging in a Controversy a. being the image of professional in which apparently The actor made fun of “Los Voladores de Papantla”; this propaganda open temper Mexican, who has also strongly criticized the comedian.