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Are you fed up with your scolding? Ángela Aguilar claims Pepe Aguilar (VIDEO)

  • Ángela has already been criticized for having diva attitudes
  • The singer confesses how her father scolded her
  • I assure you that these wake-up calls affected you a lot

The so-called “Princess of the Mexican regional”, Ángela Aguilar has been on everyone’s lips for her great talent when it comes to singing. She, although she has also gotten into the lion’s den due to the controversies that have surrounded her life. On some occasions she was criticized for having a diva attitude.

The 18-year-old has shown her great talent, but she has also been seen in front of the cameras with diva attitudes or throwing tantrums. Now it seems that her father is tired of these attitudes and has scolded her to understand the situation, she revealed it herself.

Angela demands a lot

Angela demands a lot

In an interview for the magazine ELLE, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter made great revelations regarding how her time in music has been. Among these, she said that she considered herself a very demanding person. The interviewer Natalia Chavez questioned her about it and this was what Angela answered.

“Something that I have to work on and that I have been talking about with my coach and my psychologist, is that I never settle. If I’m on a recording, I do 45 takes of a phrase, and I say “again”, “it could be better”, until my dad tells me, “it’s over”, “calm down”. I’m like this.”, were the words of the singer.

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