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Are you better off without Elizabeth Gutierrez? William Levy reappears admitting what everyone expected (VIDEO)

  • William Levy admits what everyone thought
  • The actor reappears happier than ever after his separation with Elizabeth Gutiérrez
  • Elizabeth Gutiérrez takes refuge in her children to get ahead

Several months have passed since William Levy had a start in which he confirmed his separation from Elizabeth Gutiérrez in an Instagram story and then deleted it and then left everyone waiting for an official statement that never came, however, now he reappears happier than ever To give your ex a cheap shot?

And the truth is that while Elizabeth Gutiérrez had to take refuge in her children and in her work to deal with the difficult separation, William Levy is having a great time, although it is not surprising due to the multiple allegations that there were always of his alleged infidelities in the relationship with the mother of his adorations.

In a video, William Levy confirms the suspicions

William Levy reappears

The blond Cuban is working very hard after the success he had with the new version of ‘Café con Aroma de Mujer’ and now it is known that he would prepare a version of ‘Montecristo’ that will premiere soon, however, far from being affected by his separation with Elizabeth Gutiérrez, reappeared very happy and giving a message.

In the video we see him quite animated with a blue shirt and his smile from ear to ear for it being his birthday: “Hello my people, here to thank you for all the love you have given me on this special day, turning 42 years old, I already I’m putting hahaha… well nothing, I still feel young, which is the important thing…”, he began by saying.

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