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Are Sebastian Yatra and Kunno together? They “declare their love”

Sebastián Yatra y Kunno

A number of videos about Yatra and Kunno together went viral, but is the rumor that they’re starting a courtship real?

MEXICO.— The singer Sebastian Yatra and the tiktoer Kunno You are involved in a rumor that has caused confusion and euphoria among internet users. They have also gone viral on social networks different videos which “proves” that the Mexican and the Colombian have a sentimental relationship.

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Are Sebastian Yatra and Kunno together?

The supposed romance between the Mexican influencer and the Colombian singer went viral after a release was released in the Sebastian Yatra confesses Kunno What is it “her ideal boy”.

Similarly, in the videos shared on TikTok, Kunno appears accompanied by Sebastián Yatra. In all of them, the guys demonstrate their excellent relationship, in addition to relate to each other What “her ideal boy”, the latter sparked the rumors about their advertising.

But the speculation of a Romance between Yatra and Kunno would grow after internet users were revitalized a tweet from months ago the Kunno published and in which he wrote: “Yatra told me that he thinks of me every night in other words, now I understand why I don’t sleep so much and now know less ”.

While this “relationship” is clearly a rumor that spread and grew in strength on social networks, the reality is. Sebastian Yatra and Kunno they keep great friendship which they do not hesitate to show off at every opportunity.

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Does Sebastián Yatra have a romantic partner?

Sebastian Yatra is in a relationship with the actress Clara Galle, who is also a dancer and model. Yatra’s girlfriend stars in the Netflix movie “Through My Window”.

For his part, Kunno announced that he was dating Luis Ruelas. The couple have been in a relationship for 6 months and the influencer has sometimes felt happier than ever.

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