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Arath de la Torre on his departure from ‘El Retador’: “celebrities cannot earn 3 million”

Arath of the Towerfamous conductor and comedian, talked about his departure from ‘El Retador’, after his participation was very controversial and collected hundreds of reactions found. It was in the today program, where the famous reacted publicly; He assured that he or any famous person could not win the prize of 3 million pesos. Besides that His teammates showed him their support.

It was during the live broadcast of Televisa’s Hoy program where Arath de la Torre spoke about his departure from the El Retador program after losing to the imitation of Verónica Linares de Rocío Dúrcal.

Who is the Chuponcito impersonator who faced Arath de la Torre in ‘El Retador’?

According to his testimony, the celebrity is grateful for his participation. However, he made it clear that the famous could not win, because they could not take the 3 million pesos.

“I went in to play and have fun, I prepared my characters, I went up, down and raged on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. The truth is very cool, we famous people cannot win the 3 million pesos, which is the juicy prize, “said Arath de la Torre.

In this sense, he stressed that despite the fact that there was a lot of controversy, he feels happy since he had a lot of fun; he thanked the production team that helped him with his characterizations:

“What the producers told us is don’t let them, I had a lot of fun, there was a lot of controversy, thank you very much to the public that supported me… Characterization is practically 80 percent, we are only that 20 percent that give it the soul, thanks to the whole team”, added Arath de la Torre.

Finally, Arath de la Torre indicated that he left the competition with dignity and wished that the imitator of Rocio Dúrcal move on:

“He took me out with a lot of dignity, class and I wish the program much success that it continues,” said Arath de la Torre.

In this regard, his colleagues from the Hoy program congratulated him and highlighted that in this show the ideal is for a non-famous person to win, since they already know his career and talent; plus he no longer has to prove anything:

“It is not a great success to compete with celebrities who, although they are super talented people, I think that celebrities do not have to prove anything to anyone, they already have a track record. So they have much more opportunity to compete with people of the same level. I think that there you will never want a famous person to win, “said Andrea Legarreta.

On the other hand, Arath de la Torre also thanked his fans and even the haters on his social networks:

“I want to thank all the public, whether or not they were with me in this game called El Retador, my participation ended yesterday. I am very satisfied and happy to have done what I did, to have caused controversy, to make them angry on the networks, that is what it is about, I have been able to do my characters. This last performance that I did was very personal and it was something that I always wanted to do on television, new, different characters, taking risks… I want to wish the new colleagues much success, thank the production, I had a lot of fun”, said Arath of the Tower.


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