Home Entertainment Aracely Arámbula boasts a “Yucatecan” form and tells of Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula boasts a “Yucatecan” form and tells of Luis Miguel

Aracely Arámbula.

MÉRIDA.- Aracely Arámbula given a interview for who magazine From Acapulco, where the pandemic is happening next to their kids Miguel and Daniel, and he opened up about himself with Luis Miguel.

His yellow set, specially selected for the interview, was designed from Merida, Yucatan. Mora Ruiz Hagar, better known as “Morita”, who has long ventured into the fashion world and also dressed other celebrities such as journalist Paola Rojas.

“I will not speak badly of Luis Miguel”

Although their relationship was not easy, “La Chule”, as they say, assured that I will never say bad things about Luis MiguelI am for the respect I have for him as the father of my children. He also said that he spoke with “El Sol” several times for a Netflix series that he didn’t want his story to be told.

According to the actress, their relationship was very beautiful:

“It’s a very beautiful story and I want a memoir, first my kids will know it, they already know it, I’ve told them some things, brushstrokes, like a presentation made by their father when he said : ‘It’s baby and his name will be Miguel’, photo of him in my belly Daniel. All they see is a beauty,” he told the aforementioned media.

“I think everything in life should be taken kindly, no matter how angry you are, there must be a moment of meditation, to make the best of it because family is the most important thing to me, and it’s my Will never impress the kids when they ask me about their father, I will never say anything negative because I was living a beautiful story and I had,” he said. .

Won’t comment wrong

NS The actress honors the father of her childrenWell, he assures, they are the main thing in his life, so he doesn’t want his words to cause a bad memory, that’s another reason why he didn’t want to feature his story in the series, because he Wanted to avoid tell them what happened through someone else.

“They wanted me to tell them my story, but I decided not to because they profit from the memories,” he explained.

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Aracely chats with Michelle Salaso

Aracely managed not to appear in the series and also talked Michelle SalaTo recommend a lawyer to you, if you want to take legal action on how you were portrayed.

“The great love for which we had two children and that is beautiful, because one has the right to express what one has to say, in the hands of other people I did not decide and at this time I am neither going to leave nor Neither in second nor third, none,” said Arambulla.

Aracely Arámbula took advantage of the fact that she was in Acapulco to support the launch of her friend Cintha Copelli’s YouTube program.

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