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Applause and unanimous cheers on farewell

As it was necessary to add milestones to a race that exceeded many goals, Placido Domingo adds record of unprecedented vocal longevity, and at age 81 He continues to answer the calls of the audience expecting the best from him that he can give.

Of course, it would be science fiction to keep his voice up to that age for a period to address his corresponding repertoire, so that For 13 years the Spanish artist has added baritone roles to its history, The result, clearly less happy, perpetuates only a useful life and legend.

Concerts with a full audience that is always unconditional To benefit Ukraine together with Teatro Colón’s Stable Orchestra, Uruguay’s soprano María Jose Siri and Argentina’s Mezzo Guadalupe Barrientos -Both very much loved locally -It lived in a permanent party atmosphere.

Colon's grand stage before the maestro came on stage.

Colon’s grand stage before the maestro came on stage.

A Glorious and Loud Version of Overture power of luck from wordy (probably chosen because it’s The first opera that Placido sang in Cologne half a century ago) began the first part, which was devoted to the Italian repertoire. Sunday started with applause and applause Nemico della Patria? ,Andrea Chenier by Giordano) You Piet, Rispeto, Amore ,macbeth Of green colourI).

His collaborators gleaned in their versions of Aria. Elizabeth of Valois from don carlos ,sir I) and Princess of Bouillon Adriana Lekauvarur of Cilia ,barrientos) The first delirium of the public happened with both Look, d’Acerbe tears Of trovatore from wordyin which Siri displayed the powerful flow and agility of her voice and Domingo was one with her character.

zarzuela time

The second part was devoted to a repertoire which Domingo interprets like few others: zarzuela Moving like a fish in water, the singer toured with arias and duets, and even had the luxury of recreating a hit from their early years, arias for the period. it just can’t be port’s inn sorozabaliAlthough in a logically more serious tone, that takes away the sparkle and the original effect.

In another moment of concert for the benefit of Placido Domingo, Ukraine.  Pure price.

In another moment of concert for the benefit of Placido Domingo, Ukraine. Pure price.

Siri Distilled Grace and Emotion in pieces Serrano and Asenjo Barbieri. works byYou Barrientos Carcelera. captivates the masses with his intense and sparkling version offrom Zebedee’s daughters ,chappy) the orchestra throughout this part, Bernàcer was always extremely talented. directed with enormous skill byFeaturing the public’s favorite instrumental moments.

As expected, the outside acts of the program were an eclectic menu and for all tastes. In the middle of the first part, Astable Diego Tejador’s violinist stated that The orchestra decided to offer Bernesar the possibility of using the baton that Arturo Toscanini had given to Carlos Pessina.The organization’s historical concertmaster…

The director at that time took it, upbeat, and with the current concert Freddy Varela Monteiro y la Astable offered a moving and subtle version of the famous Care from Thai (massenet) to repeat the first, Domingo then accepted the challenge of carrying Toscanini’s torch as well.and guarded the legendary baton to lead the opening bars of La Forza del Destino.

The rest of the Encores included a trio version of come back the day you love me (rhymes with a microphone) and inevitable grenade, With pure emotion and thunder and endless applause, he closed a night in which, for both Domingo and the public, the gratitude for the past was as intense as the delivery of the present.

Very good

Placido Domingo (tenor-baritone) / Mary Joseph Siri (soprano) / Guadalupe Barrientos (Mezzo-Soprano) Teatro Colón Stable Orchestra (Guest Conductor: Jordi Bernser, Teatro Colón, Sunday, April 10 Bicycle great interpreters.

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