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Apart from the beautiful island

Apart from the beautiful island

With M. Night Shyamalan I have mixed feelings. I love them and I defend the sixth Sense, disciple, fragmented You GuestI don’t understand how he did end of ages You after Earth.

when i read it Old He made it himself, I was blown away. I remember that Guests, with a very low budget ($5 million!), he made it after blockbuster and in which he only bet on the simplicity of the plot, without the super cast or disproportionate cost, it was almost round.

I wouldn’t say I rubbed my hands, but I went out to see OldYes, with desire.

&Quot;Vijos&Quot; Was The Most-Watched Film In North America This Weekend.  Photo Uip

“Vijos” was the most-watched film in North America this weekend. Photo UIP


I don’t understand why the poster already reveals something important in the plot, so don’t be so surprised when you enter the cinema. Nor that the graphic novel it is based on was super popular.

Old Uip Photo

old uip photo

Like any Shyamalan film, this one has a way of keeping us hooked and like a woman’s trick at the end. There he tells what seemed inexplicable. or approx.


Gael Garcia Bernal is she paternal family Arrived at an island resort that his wife (Vicki Cripps, from phantom thread) rented online. They are accompanied by their two children, young Trent (Nolan River), 6, and Maddox (Alexa Swinton), 11. The couple does not have a good time, the breakup is more than an exit, although they get along, it shows that there was love and the holiday weekend will serve as a farewell, without knowing the children.

Photo Uip

Photo UIP

The hotel manager has a surprise for you. On the other side of the island, a short distance from the resort, is a beach, which is like a paradise, he tells them. He also tells them that he only invites them to spend the day there, as he fell in love with her, and a driver will take them there. The one who drives is M. Night Shyamalan, who always reserves a cameo or something in the movies he directs. He doesn’t do this to save the cache.


But, and there is always one but, another family (a couple, a little girl and a grandmother) joins the family in the minibus. For some reason, the driver does not accompany them to the beach, where they arrive, passing a cliff cave laden with food. Upon reaching the beach, Fabulous, there is another man. And then another couple will be involved.

Photo Uip

Photo UIP

And, slowly things will start getting out of hand.

I am not going to tell here what happens on the beach of the beautiful island.

Photo Uip

Photo UIP

Except that a sort of unfortunate incident happens that calls into question all, logically, physically and physically, and apparently, none of them can leave the beach.

Shyamalan only spent money on visual effects, as the hotel where he filmed in the Dominican Republic, and the beach are also present.

Photo Uip

Photo UIP

There are movies in which some elements may be silly to some viewers. Shyamalan has some of them – none of the four I mentioned in the beginning – and Old Try to balance the explanatory phrases with the effects achieved.

Anyway, he will keep separating those who love and hate from the old main director. And others will gladly leave us a little, but always trust that a better one will come. And every time, he gets one.



Mystery. USA, 2021. original title: Old. 108′, Sam 13. Of: M. Night Shyamalan. With: Gael García Bernal, Vicky Cripps, Rufus Sewell. rooms: Cinemark Palermo, Cinépolis Recoleta, Showcase Belgrano, Hoyts Unicentre.