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Anya Taylor-Joy and a culinary horror film

The close relationship between movies and food It is a frequent resource in dozens of films, despite the fact that it is not very common to find films that have a certain restaurant as the central axis of the story.

Scenes like the simulated orgasm of meg ryan in the already classic When Harry met Sally or the episode that begins and closes pulp fiction in a restaurant in Los Angeles.

The truth is that the culinary worldIt is known that it has evolved quite significantly in recent years. In some luxurious -and extremely expensive- restaurants, eating is just a way of doing good to the body and, instead, they start talking about “experience”, as if it were an almost existential happiness.

Ralph Fiennes is the chef, and Anya Taylor-Joy...

Ralph Fiennes is the chef, and Anya Taylor-Joy…

That, or as the specialized media suggests Colliderwho goes further, saying that in addition to that, cooking “is a profound art form who can comment on various aspects of life, as if it were a well-thought-out work of art or a well-shot and well-written movie.”

As with any phenomenon of popular and mass culture, it’s only a matter of time until someone decides to make a movie… terrifying on the subject!

waiting for the premiere

Imagination has no limits and that is exactly what happens with menu, from Searchlight Studios. The official theatrical release will be during the Toronto International Film Festival. (Canada), and its theatrical release in the United States is scheduled for November 18th of this year.

"The Menu" is one of the several productions that the actress raised in Argentina has to release.

“The Menu” is one of the several productions that the actress raised in Argentina has to release.

The film stars Ralph Fiennes in the role of an eccentric chef and master in the art of cooking, who will prepare a super exclusive meal for his (exclusive) clientele in one of those secluded (and exclusive) restaurants. What Fiennes’ persona will do is a menu that, for lack of a better phrase, it is simply to die for.

As he comments Colliderbefore Chef Slowik (Fiennes) serves the “deadly food”, ellipses… Well, here is all we can say about the project cinematographic expense.

The first trailer for The Menu -according to the same source- “it establishes the tone and reveals characters while the plot does not make clear what is happening and is ambiguous”.

Anya Taylor-Joy was the protagonist of "Lady

Anya Taylor-Joy was the protagonist of “Lady’s Gambit”.

the character of Anya Taylor-Joy (queen’s gambit) seems to be the public’s “gateway” to a world of extravagant cooks, different from the one we had the opportunity to see in Ratatouille.

After a warm welcome to the restaurant to a select group of diners, your climate will begin to rarefy until total and absolute discomfort. Directed by Mark Mylod (Succession) and produced byr Adam McKay (don’t look up), the film is presented as a disturbing “tour de force”.

According to what I can tell in a preliminary way, everything is “so outlandish that it borders the line of absurdity”. However, the dramatic twist makes the film vibrate in the tone of a horror thriller with elements of black comedy finely seasoned, with a suspense that one would cut with a butcher knife.


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