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Antonio José, intimate: “Due to the pandemic and a sentimental breakup, I literally ended up in the mud†In dialogue with Teleshow, the Spanish artist who visited Argentina to accompany Luciano Pereyra at Luna Park, told how he managed to overcome the worst moment of his life

Antonio Jose (Courtesy Universal Music)

He smiles and greets with two kisses, as is the custom in his homeland. At just 27 years old, Anthony Joseph He has been linked to the world of music for more than 17 years. But he remains humble, as the true greats tend to do. The artist from Palma del Río, Córdoba, Spain, began his career as a child in the cycle I see I seelater represented his country in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 and, as an adult, participated in the third edition of The Voice 2015 where he established himself as the winner. But success was given by his tireless work outside of television shows. And that’s why he values ​​it so much.

The truth is that, when everything seemed to be on track, the creator of hits like When you fall in love either I need you He felt everything crashing in front of him. To the confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic and the consequent work stoppage, a sentimental break was added that plunged him into deep sadness. And that’s when he was forced to discover the meaning of the word “resilience”. Something he put on the album Phoenix, with which he returned to Argentina after his first presentation in Backroom in 2019 to accompany Luciano Pereira in the moon park and provide a showcase at the Café Berlin in Buenos Aires.

“You looked very happy on stage.

—The truth is that I am very happy to be back on earth. And it was beautiful to be with Luciano, who has had the generosity to invite me again to such important dates for him. So I’m already looking forward to going back. I haven’t left and I can’t wait to go back.

-You had landed in this country just before the pandemic and after…

—The world stopped!

“It was very hard for you, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, the truth is that I have never been so lost. But I believe that sometimes it is necessary to lose oneself in order to find oneself again. And that happened to me: it was a moment of great uncertainty with myself, because I went through different stages in a very short period of time. And that’s why the title of my latest album, which is Fénix.

“A kind of rebirth?”

-Of course. It is about a personal rebirth, with that struggle with yourself to know what is happening to you. When you ask yourself so many questions, it is because inside you they are talking to you and they are telling you that something is not right. And, once again, the music gave me the wings and the strength to go out to life with more enthusiasm than ever.

The singer assures that the music took him out of his worst moment (Courtesy Universal Music)
The singer assures that the music took him out of his worst moment (Courtesy Universal Music)

—You came to ensure that you were in “the mud”…

—And I would tell you that I was in mud, literally.


—Because my life suddenly collapsed. I had a tour of more than 80 concerts in Latin America that was cancelled. And, in the “love mode”, things also got complicated for me.

-A seperation?

-Of course. It was a breakup after many years of relationship…

“You’re too young to have had such a long history!”

“It was my first partner. And well, everything is reflected in this album. I have never been afraid to say it, I have never been reserved about it. Because I think it’s something that we should also tell people. Sometimes we take refuge in this of not taking from ourselves what happens to us instead of leaning on other people. And the truth is that it was a moment in my life in which I had the opportunity to have by my side those who were there because they really loved me and for nothing else. They helped me and gave me tools to get ahead.

—It is in those circumstances where one can see who his affections are, don’t you think?


—Added to that was the confinement that greatly affected young people, who instead of dancing in a disco found themselves confined to their homes…

“Actually, I’m pretty laid back. I like a lot to be in my home, I am very homemade. So that’s something I haven’t noticed as much. But it is true that many things came together in my life.

—Did you ever feel that you were falling into a depression, which is already an illness, or was it a great sadness?

“I’ve never had depression. It was sadness. She was, to try to define it, like a walking person with a gray cloud above her. And I’ve never been like that! Quite the contrary: I really like to connect with people, with the public and with myself. But he was not able to do it. So when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize myself. And that frustrated me a lot. Because it didn’t fit with my way of seeing life.

At 27, Antonio José has more than 17 years of career (Courtesy Universal Music)
At 27, Antonio José has more than 17 years of career (Courtesy Universal Music)

“And so, were you able to compose everything?”

—No, what’s up! I didn’t have the head for it. I sat down to compose and it was impossible, nothing came of it. But then there was a chip change in me. It happened overnight, to this day I don’t really know how it happened, but something happened.

-It’s that when you hit rock bottom there’s no other choice but to go up…

-Totally. I have always been very strong, I have an important personality. And I like to see life in a rosy color, because even if it isn’t, I think you always have to see the glass as half full.

—You will be very strong but also very sensitive: that shows in your songs, some of which are heartbreaking.

“Yes, and maybe that’s what caused me to fall.” I feel strong and I like to do it. For me there is no other way to live this that is a gift. And well, from everything that happened to me, finally, an album has remained that has been very special to me.

—Now you’re about to release a new single…

—On Thursday night, Friday for Spain, comes out Without looking for you, a very positive song.

—That’s what I wanted to know: if you were still on the same line or were you already with another theme.

—It’s just that, on the contrary, this song talks about what you don’t look for in your life and it ends up coming to you because you don’t look for it. Beautiful things always come like this.

-Like love…

-For example.

“Did you get it?”

—No, now I’m calm, traveling a lot and focused one hundred percent on my career.

—Is your profession incompatible with the couple?

—Not at all, I’ve never been closed in that sense. Maybe someone comes out there, shoots my heart and we go forward. That’s how I am!

The Spaniard assures that he is currently alone, but open to love (Courtesy Universal Music)
The Spaniard assures that he is currently alone, but open to love (Courtesy Universal Music)

—You started in this from a very young age, did you have to leave a lot aside for your career?

—I have been very lucky, because I have had parents who have taken great care of me in that regard. I started very young, it’s true, but they had the ability and the honesty to see that I was a child, that I had to prepare myself and that I had to know what it was like to play in the street with my friends. So they made sure that I could live that and not miss out on childhood, which is super important for anyone. So I am very grateful to them for letting me be and do what I felt at all times.

—That means you didn’t have to skip any stage?


—But it must not have been easy to go to school after being on a TV show either….

“Of course not, obviously, that was shocking. But I lived in a town of 25,000 inhabitants and there they have always treated me with great affection. In fact, a little while ago I was singing there for the first time. And the truth is that I feel very proud of the whole process that I have gone through to get to enjoy this today, which is a lot.

—As far as I know, your mom was the one who got you into music.

—My mother, Maria, has to do with many things in my life. Thanks god. She is an incredible woman, a human being with admirable vitality and strength. And she has always been: in the good and the less good. I have a very beautiful trust with her, which allows me to open up so that she can guide me in the moments that I need her the most. So I owe a lot to both her and my father, Antonio.

—Your dad wanted to take you on the soccer side, or am I wrong?

—Yes, he wanted me to become a footballer and my mother a musician. But since women always win, it was impossible to compete with that (laughs).

—Soccer is still…

-Always! I love sports and whenever I can, I get away with my friends to play for a while. Soccer is a passion that I have.

-What painting are you a fan of?

—I really like Real Madrid.

—And from Argentina?

“Well, I don’t have a team yet!”

Antonio José sang with Luciano Pereyra at Luna Park (Courtesy Universal Music)
Antonio José sang with Luciano Pereyra at Luna Park (Courtesy Universal Music)

—In this country you have some friends: in addition to Luciano Pereyra you generated an affective relationship with Valeria Mazza, right?

-That’s how it is. We met in Marbella, at the Starlite Festival, and we have been friends ever since. Both Alejandro Gravier and her are magnificent people, very attentive. So I hope that this relationship will last a lifetime, because I also have great affection for their children. And it’s always nice to find them.

—When are you going back to Argentina?

“I think very soon.” That depends on the company and the joint work of all. But I hope it will be sooner rather than later. I am convinced that next year, before the rooster crows, I will be back here.

-Although your songs sound a lot around here, there are those who are just now beginning to know your face and that means that you will no longer be able to walk as before without the fans following you…

-I love that! I hope so, but I will continue to go out in this city. And above all for Palermo, because I love this area of ​​Buenos Aires.


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