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Anthony Hopkins dances a successful Colombian theme

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- To the sound of “La pollera colorá”, at 84 years old, Anthony Hopkins shows that there is no age to carry music inside and surprised more than one, after he shared a video in the who applies his best dance steps, accompanied by an ad hoc outfit to sing a classic Colombian cumbia.

Years go by and Hopkins’ artistic abilities never cease to amaze. With a career spanning more than 50 years, the actor has shown his versatility when it comes to embodying characters of various psychologies. Among the most remembered, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, in “The Silence of the Lambs”, Pope Benedict XVI in “The Two Popes”, and Alfred Hitchcock, in the film that tells the life of the famous film director.

On this occasion, it was not his acting ability that surprised, but a video that he shared on his Twitter account, in which for 17 seconds he dances to the rhythm of “La pollera colorá”, a typical song from Colombia, composed In 1960.

According to the Colombian newspaper “El Tiempo”, the melody was the first thing that the clarinetist Juan Madera Castro and the singer Wilson Choperena composed in the early 1960s.

This was performed for several months, until the composer Wilson Choperena asked Madera Castro for permission to write the lyrics of the song. From there, it became a classic theme of Colombian culture and folklore.

Hopkins is not the only one who has remembered this classic that breaks borders, because in a broadcast of “The Simpsons”, Homer’s eldest son, Bart Simpson who, in season three of the animated series, plays “La pollera colorá”.

This piece, moreover, is added to another of the videos in which the actor shows the dance steps that he masters best, since in the last edition of the Oscar he also danced the success of Oscar D’León “Llorarás”, during the ceremony of celebration, except that —on that occasion— he did it very well accompanied, next to his wife Stella Arroyave, who would be the cause that the actor is so well familiar with salsa and Caribbean cumbia, since she is a native of Colombia.

In a publication, “La Vanguardia” tells that Stella Arroyave and Hopkins were married in 2003.

Thus, after almost 20 years of being together, Stella herself has revealed that “Tony”, as she calls him, has adopted many of the Colombian customs, for example, he is a lover of arepas: “He eats one for the breakfast almost every day…”.

Reference from yucatan

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