Anthony Anderson returns for Law & Order revival with Hugh Dancy and Jeffrey Donovan

Detective Kevin Bernard is back!

ET has learned that Anthony Anderson will repeat his role on season 21 of NBCs Law & Order with a contract for one season. The star is accompanied by Hugh Dancy, who is serving as assistant prosecutor.

Anderson’s casting is especially timely as the actor rules as the lovable patriarch of ABCs Black-ish will end with the upcoming eighth and final season of the series. The 51-year-old actor starred and produced the show for eight seasons, which begins its final sequel on January 4th. The actor previously told ET that working on final season was “bittersweet” for his TV family and admitted, “It gets tough every day because we know it’s the end.”

When ET asked the actor last month if he could possibly rerun his role for the revival, Anderson teased that “anything is possible”.

“I had a conversation with Dick Wolf about bringing them back Law & Order for the 21st season and as I said, anything is possible, “he replied shyly.

Anderson and Dancy, who previously played Will Graham on NBCs Hannibal, will join Jeffrey Donovan in the resumption cast. NBC announced the former Combustion notice Star casting for NYPD detective earlier this month.

Law & Order The first time started in 2008, and the network announced a resumption of the series on September 28th. The original crime drama is set for its 21st prosecutor to prosecute the perpetrators. “

Creator and executive producer of the Law & Order Franchise, Dick Wolf, called the return of the original series a “dream come true”.

“There are very few things in life for which dreams can literally come true,” said Wolf. “This is mine.”


Reference from etonline