Home Entertainment Another violent death in rap: Young Dolph was murdered

Another violent death in rap: Young Dolph was murdered

Another violent death in rap: Young Dolph was murdered

Violence hits the rap world. The musician Young Dolph was murdered in the early morning of Wednesday, November 17, as confirmed by police sources. The rapper was 36 years old. Dolph was shot several times while he was in the city of Memphis, in the state of Tennessee.

Some witnesses assure that the death occurred at the exit of a store called Makeda’s Butter Cookies, to which the musician I had gone to buy cookies.

According to the police account that compiles what the witnesses saw, the shots that killed Dolph would have been fired from a car and that, in addition, smashed the store windows.

Young Dolph Had Two Attacks Before He Was Killed.  Photo: Afp

Young Dolph had two attacks before he was killed. Photo: AFP

Victim of attacks

This is not the first attack suffered by the musician, who in 2017 also had received several shots. At that time, the rapper was at the door of a shoe store in Hollywood, in Los Angeles.

And closer in time, earlier this year, Dolph suffered another attack when he was intercepted by a pickup truck, in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. The musician’s vehicle received more than a hundred shots and he, miraculously, was unhurt.

After that episode, Dolph armored his cars to be bulletproof. After the attacks, the rapper had stated that those who shot him had done it for his fame, which aroused jealousy and hatred, like the money he had earned in recent years, which made him enemies.

Dolph began his career in 2016, with the album King of memphis and then produced and released six more albums. He became known for topics like Major and On the River, among many others.

Young Dolph Was 36 Years Old And Had Gone To Buy Cookies.  Photo: Afp

Young Dolph was 36 years old and had gone to buy cookies. Photo: AFP

Who was

His real name was Adolf Robert Thornton Jr. and he was born in Chicago. However, his family moved to the south of the United States, to Memphis, where he lived from a very young age. There he began to interact with music very early, forming several groups with his cousins ​​and brothers.

In addition to his musical career, Dolph gained fame and popularity through various charities that he did regularly among the neediest people in the area where he had grown up. And he donated money to help school children and to various schools, including Hamilton High School, where he had completed his primary studies.

At the scene, the police are investigating whether more than one person was involved in Dolph’s death. It was not disclosed if there were other people who were killed or injured during the shooting that ended the rapper’s life.

Many colleagues of the rapper immediately expressed themselves, through social networks, to mourn the death of Dolph, including Quavo, friend, composer and American record producer.

Last year, despite the pandemic, the musician released the single Sunshine, where he referred to the difficult situation the world was going through due to the covid and where he bet on some hope.

On the other hand, his most recent album, Rich slave (Rich slave), alluded, as explained by the musician at the time, to the difficulties, still very current, that black people have in the United States.


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