Home Entertainment Announcer mocks BTS and insults South Korea with ‘Japanese swastika’

Announcer mocks BTS and insults South Korea with ‘Japanese swastika’

Announcer mocks BTS and insults South Korea with 'Japanese swastika'

bts is one of the bands k pop Most representative of the moment. for your work industry project entertainment already South Korea It is so that even country officials they should have Modify Your Recruitment Law, to ensure that its seven members can delay their military service if it is in line with their plans.

However, this launch has earned J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Jin, Jungkook and RM also a series of attack, many of them Casteism (running the trend) #StopAsianHate) and also fear of homosexuals (None of them have talked about their choice, but It’s Considered By Its Aesthetic Standards; culturally accepted in South Korea). above has issued a Wave of responses and questions about where does Freedom of expression.

What is freedom of expression?

According to international amnesty, the Freedom of expression appears in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is defined as ability to express ideas to communicate, without fear of reprisal, censorship and sanctions.

However, it “Leads to duties and responsibilities, and is subject to certain restrictions For the purpose of respect both the rights or dignity of others, such as order, health and public morality”.

#LaMegaXenophobic: Why is this a trend?

In this sense, various media—especially radiophonic– have been in dispute at the time of broadcast derogatory remarks against bts, but this time lconductor of a radio station Colombian Not only did the work of singers be maligned by presenting “Dance Allowed”, but with obvious betrayal– they decided taunt the army and with insult to South Korea.

Liri Oni, a young lady Argentines of South Korean descent, were in charge of disclosing information in Spanish and Korean What did the presenters of the station “La Mega”, who after criticizing the rapid rise of BTS – in fact He’s been in the industry for eight years-, they decided respond sarcastically To apologize at the request of ARMY Colombia.

Vehicle Driver They dressed up as rockers and anime characters, Allegedly . for BTS. apologize to and army, but put background instead national anthem of south korea. You can also see how they laugh at his “joke” in the Facebook live broadcast.

The announcer even says that he decided to apologize in Korean, That they are authoritative and directed towards those affected. Instead, he expressed the following via Google Translator:

“The morning team would like to say the following to BTS fans. Tamales are delicious (…) Enjoy Korean Empire (…) mega with love

The above was in an apparent attempt to defame fans who asked them to apologize to BTS, because according to the presenters they don’t understand Korean, as also specified by YouTubers, who missed the song. “Dance Allowed” -this third single group for him anglo-saxon market– it was written For Ed Sheeran.

Why is the rising sun flag like “swastika” for South Korea?

However, one detail that filled the glass – and for which was repeated by the South Korean media– It was the fact that the owner of the program wore a shirt with the image of the “Rising Sun” banner of the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy.

On brief reference, In recent years, South Korea asks Japan to apologize for its crimes of territorial occupation, for which still remain and are the descendant products of breaches by imperial troops sex slave women the territories they occupied.

To this day, Japan has denied such crimes and The flag is considered a symbolhandjob like a swastika represents Nazi Germany. In fact, Liri remembers that Colombia and South Korea have good political relations, since the Colombians helped them in the so-called Korean War.

“Even in 2020, Korea sent millions of protective masks and donated $5 million so that the country can fight the health crisisRecalls YouTuber, who was clearly struck by the announcers’ lack of knowledge about their country’s history.

It didn’t take long for BTS fans to trend “The Mega Xenophobic” Sincere apologies to the broadcaster while the show’s owner continued to comment A “crystal generation”.

Yucatan also has history with South Korea

it should be remembered that Yucatan has a special brotherhood with the South Korean community, because both Maya as South Korean they were part of subsequent farm labor.

Despite the past, somewhat painful for South Korea, regarding the treatment of their compatriots in the Yucatecan lands—they did not come to be enslaved, but to take refuge in the midst of a war conflict—, The state has many resources which support this brotherhood..

is an example of Korea-Mexico Friendship Hospital, Located in San Jose Tecoho, specializing in child health care.

Also, in the center of Mérida, a block from Casa del Pueblo, you will find Korean Immigration Memorial MuseumWhere descendants can connect with the past of their ancestors and their homeland.

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