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Announced nominations and led Wos in eight categories

The Chamber, which represents music producers in CAPIF, Argentina, today announced the full list of nominations for the 24th edition of the Gardel Awards.

The artist with the most nominations is Vos, with 8. He is followed by Truno, 7. Tiago PZK and Abel Pintos with 6.

Vos, leading the way for 2022 Gardell Awards nominations.  photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Vos, leading the way for 2022 Gardell Awards nominations. photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Tini, Maria Becerra and Ca7riel appear in 5 categories. Knowing Russia and La Conga compete in 4 categories, and the 2 nominees are Nathi Peluso, Dilome, Bizzrap and Nikki Nicol.

Gold contenders Ca7riel (for their album El Disco), Andrés Calamaro (for God Raises Them), Nikki Nicol (for My Part), Escalandrum (for 100) and Abel Pintos (for the love of my life) Huh.

In Song of the Year, 10 finalists compete for the statuette with a significant appearance from the duet: Getting to Know Russia (It Was Late), Tiny & Maria Becerra (Lie to Me), Teresa Parody (Different), Truno ( Dance Crip), Nathy Peluso (Mafiosa), Palo Pandolfo (Tu Amor), Tiago PZK and Lit Killah (Between Us”), Pedro Ajnar (Reverdes), Abel Pintos and Camilla (Me, With You) and La Conga and Nahuel Penicci (parallel universe).

Which will be held on August 23 in one of the most impressive venues for music in the city of Buenos Aires, and will be announced in a few more days when the details of the broadcast will be announced.

With a remarkable variety of genres and genres in Album of the Year, the highest category of awards that awards Argentine record productions released in 2021, exponents of rock, folklore, urban music, trap and jazz compete.

“This will be a very important edition for the Gardel Awards. We had a record nominations with over 4,300 works coming from all over the country, which shows us that music in Argentina is more active than ever. There is so much more to this face to face. – to look forward to the return of the front and to this possibility to celebrate the talents of our artists together again” says Diego Japico, head of CAPIF.

Material received at the application stage is carefully listened to by members of the review committees, who are in charge of adapting it into relevant categories according to the genres and styles of the work submitted, are subsequently made available to the jury and begin Voting process.

After two editions entirely online (2020 and 2021) this year, the Gardell Awards are preparing for an impressive gala with musical performances to be announced soon.

The first edition of the Gardel Awards took place in 1999 at a gala hosted by George Ginzburg and with just 5 categories. That year, Sandro was the first artist in history to receive the Gold Gardell.

Since then, the award has accompanied the great development of Argentine music over more than 20 years, adding new items and constantly updating itself. In 2020, categories divided by gender were integrated, leaving behind the male/female artist divide. In the final festivals, international artists also began to be included in the musical performances (Anita, Carlos Rivera, Pablo Alborán, Lila Downs), in a clear indication of the growth of the prize (positioned as the most important in the country) is wanted. Expanding your boundaries to reach new audiences.

full list of candidates

album of the year

  • Escalandrum, 100
  • Ca7riel, El Disco
  • Vos, Dark Ecstasy
  • Nikki Nicole, part of me
  • Abel Pintos, The Love in My Life
  • Andres Calamaro, God lift them up

song of the year

  • I’m late knowing Russia
  • Tini & Maria Becerra, Lie to me
  • Teresa Parody, Typical
  • Thunder, Dance Crip
  • Nathy Peluso, Mafiosa
  • Palo Pandolfo, Your Love
  • Tiago PZK and Lit Killah, Among Us
  • Pedro Aznar, Reverdesi
  • Abel Pintos and Camilla, by my side, with you
  • La Conga and Nahuel Penicci, Parallel Universes

year’s record

  • Robbers Interpreter: Nathy Peluso Producer / S: Rafa Arcute Engineer / S: Angelo Torres; Carlos Velazquez; Philippe Tichouer; Rafa Arcute; Richard Brave; Roger Rhodes; Sebastian Crisso
  • Dance Creep. Artists: Truno Producer/s: Tatall and Brian Taylor Engineers/s: Tattoll and Brian Taylor
  • lie to me. Artist: Tiny and Maria Becerra Producer/s: Andres Torres; Mauricio Rengifo Engineer/s: Andres Torres; Ishmael Royal; Mauricio Rengifo; tom norris

best new artist

  • IDilome, postmortem
  • Luna Sujatovich, Warrior Challenge
  • Paco Amoroso, Saita
  • Araceli Matus, Matusendo
  • Tiago PZK, Flo de Barrio

best collaboration

  • Hit in the heart, The Authentic Decadentis feat. Natalia Lafourcade
  • Parallel Universe, La Conga feat. Nahuel Penisi
  • Tu Amor, Palo Pandolfo feat. Santiago Motorized and Hilda Lizarazu

best rock song

  • Quitapenes, Javier Calamaro and Ulysses Buenos
  • Golden Times, Stellar
  • Stardust, Motorized Santiago
  • For too much, crossing the pond
  • be okay, wow

Best Rock Artist Album

  • IAndres Calamaro, God lift them up
  • Fito Pays, The Wild Years
  • Palo Pandolfo, Servant
  • Getting to know Russia, Direction

Best Rock Group Album

  • Airbags, everything seems to be a trap
  • Balls, version from home
  • walking barefoot, stranger

Best Alternative Rock Album

  • Sol Basa, The Last Light of the City
  • Vos, Dark Ecstasy
  • Vicentico, The Bright Well

Best Heavy Rock/Punk Album

  • Deja Vu, Radarsee
  • blood burns, treatment
  • Bad Timing, Mr. Punk Vol 2

best pop song

  • IFrom Me, With You, Abel Pintos and Camilla
  • Lie to Me, Tiny and Maria Becerra
  • Robber, Nathi Peluso

Best Pop Artist Album

  • God lifts them up, Andres Calamaro
  • The Wild Years, Fito Pezzo
  • Servant, Palo Pandolfo
  • Direction, knowing Russia

Best Pop Group Album

  • MYA, MYA . Seems like
  • dogma, rare fish
  • Souvenir, Miranda!

Best Alternative Pop Albums

  • Fight, Juan Ingaramo
  • short story, el quelgue
  • Pitada, Emmanuel Horvilleur

Best Urban Music Collaboration

  • Vos and Nikki Nicole, Shedding Skin
  • Bizzrap and El-Gent, Bjarrap Music Sessions, Volume 38
  • Tiago PZK and Truno, Salimo de Noche
  • Tini and El-Ghent, Borough
  • FMK & Tiago PZK, Lit Killah feat. rushking, i know you
  • Maria Becerra feat. Becky gee wow wow
  • Emilia and Duke, as if it didn’t matter

Best Urban Music Songs

  • As if it didn’t matter, Emilia and Duccio
  • Bar, Tiny and El-Gente
  • oops, dilome
  • Dance Creep, Thunder
  • Shedding Skin, Vos and Nikki Nicole
  • Salimo de Noche, Tiago PZK and Truno
  • Tiago PZK: Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 48, Bizarrap & Tiago PZK

Best Urban Music Albums

  • From the end of the world, Duki
  • Animals, Maria Becerra
  • Gemini, ECKO
  • Mawz, Lit Killah
  • part of me nikki nicole
  • Disco, Ca7rie
  • postmortem, dillon

best electronic music album

  • =EP8, Lisandro Aristimuno – Fernando Kabusaki
  • axolotl, axel crigier
  • Ready to Dance – Budem Tantsevat’, Bajofondo feat Natalia Oreiro

Best Reggae/Ska Album

  • IMe, Dread March I
  • does not blanch, does not blanch
  • Stay Rude (Deluxe Edition), Hugo Lobo

best folk song

  • Fleeting Love, Destino San Javier feat. techiso
  • Sensational Walking, Paola Bernalli
  • Barrow, Valen Bonetto and the Louisiana Jury
  • Blue Flower – Live, Ahyre

Best Folklore Artist Album

  • After all, Teresa parody
  • I am the seed, the flower peace
  • Flowers and Roots, Pedro Aznari

Best Folklore Group Albums

  • Vidala in my Zamba, Eva and Nadia
  • Path, Orellana Lucas
  • Dawn, Destination San Javier

Best Alternative Folklore Albums

  • People of Kuntur, Portezuelo
  • Creole, Barberita Palacios
  • Return, Orozco/Barrientos

best chamame album

  • On the other hand, Gisela Mendez Ribeiro and Yuki Makita
  • Mario del Transito, The Vera Sisters
  • National YacaRock, Yacare Manso

best tropical song

  • ​Perito Malvado, Ladies Free ft. L-Ghent
  • Don’t look at me like that now, Rodrigo Tapari
  • Cumbia Night, Los Palmeiras, La Delio Valdez

Best Tropical Artist Album

  • Badi’s Majestic Rhythm, Badik
  • Inheritance, Nico Mattiolic
  • Take It Love, Daniel Cardozo

Best Tropical Group Album

  • beautiful, beautiful, trinidad group
  • Time and Serenade, Dalio Valdez Orchestra
  • 100 Music Records, The Wawanko

Best Quartet Songs

  • And if they knew, Ulysses Buenos
  • Parallel Universe, La Conga feat. Nahuel Penisi
  • The Mambo Phenomenon, Juan Ingaramo

Best Quartet Artist Album

  • Little Drawer of Memories Vol2, Elle Saberio
  • Sung Stories 3, Ulysses Bueno
  • My Way, Magui Olaway

Best Quartet Group Album

  • Cordobes, translated into The Barefoot
  • Parallel Universe, La Conga
  • From Rehearsals, Band Mix

best tango song

  • Grisel, Nestor Fabian and Julian Hermida
  • Nostalgia (live), Tangoloko (feat. Katie Viqueira)
  • Another Dead Girl, Patricia Malanka

Best Tango Artist Albums

  • Clay and Sky Key, Natalia Bazani
  • The Nights That Have Gone, Hernan Lucero
  • Boiler, Juliet Lasso

Best Orchestral and/or Tango and/or Instrumental Group Album

  • Te, Diego Shisi Quintet
  • Gardel, Ines Neck and La Grela Tango Quintetta
  • 100, Escalandrum

Best Romantic Artist Album – Melodic

  • I ask permission, Danny Martin
  • Boleros, Fallotic Black
  • I’ll get you under my skin, Palito Ortega

best jazz album

  • Ontology, Roxana Amedo
  • Bard, Yamile Buricho
  • One Eyed Piano, Leo Genovese

Best Instrumental Album – Fusion – World Music

  • Piazzola 100 Years Later, Ruben Ferrero / Pablo Porcelli / Patricio Villarejo
  • Warrior Challenge, Luna Sujatovich
  • Deep Man, Kabusaki

best author song album

  • The Art of Eating Without Eating, Ivan Noble
  • Warrior Challenge, Luna Sujatovich
  • Simple, Fernando Cabrera

Best Children’s Album

  • traveler, cap
  • Leo, Luis Pesetti
  • A Cocochito, Canticuenticos

best live album

  • Ilive my life, ahire
  • In Concert (Live), Ahire
  • Daring Live, Thunder

best concept album

  • DNA (Chapter A), The Authentic Decades
  • 50 years of music, gyro
  • album, Ca7riel

Best Classical Music Album

  • Ilyas Gurevich – 300 Years of Solo Violin (Vol. 1), Ilyas Gurevich
  • Debut album, Duo Isas Quickie
  • Piazzola. Unknown work for solo piano, Natalia González Figueroa

Best Catalog Collection

  • Presentation Artaud, Volume 2 (Live at Teatro Astral, 1973), Luis Alberto Spinetta
  • Monte Adentro, Ramon Ayala El Mensu
  • Live Craft Auditorium – (1970), Miguel Abuelo

Best Soundtrack Album for a Film/Television/Audiovisual Production

  • =EP8, Lisandro Aristimuno – Fernando Kabusaki
  • Songs about a house, four friends and a dog, Santiago Motorzado
  • Maya and the Three, Gustavo Santolla

best short video clips

  • Next Friday, Director / Video clip: Belen Asado
  • Dance Crip, Video Clip Director: El Dorado and Lucas Vignale
  • Golden Times, Video Clip Director: Gonzalo López
  • La Amistad, Director / Video Clip: Mariano Marino

best long video clip

  • Pitada, Video Clip Director/s: Kaleidos
  • Cumbia Ki Raat Video Clip Director: Conrabana Audiovisual
  • Ahre in Concert – Backstage, Videoclip Director/s: Emiliano Nadal

Recording Engineering

  • love in my life. Engineer/s: Dani Inniruberto; Caesar Sogbe; Brad Blackwood
  • Dark Ecstasy. Engineer/s: Javier Frachia, Fascundo Yalve, Nicolas Cotto
  • Disc. Engineer/s: Tomas Sainz / Nico Cotton / Fasundo Ylves

best cover design


producer of the year


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