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annihilate it! Laura Bozzo rants in front of everyone against Toni Costa and even Adamari López comes out ‘muddy’ (VIDEOS)

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  • Laura Bozzo “swept everything in its path” a gala after being expelled from “The House of Famous 2”
  • The Peruvian was told what her classmates talked about her behind her back
  • The ‘miss’ ended up ranting about Toni Costa and even ’embarrassed’ Adamari López

Laura Bozzo was the last expelled from ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’ and after her departure she was invited to the gala hosted by Héctor Sandarti and Jimena Gallego to show her what her colleagues were talking about her and the Peruvian ended up not only ‘sinking’ her former friend and ‘daughter’ as she called her Daniella Navarro for betraying her, but also against Nacho Casano and Toni Costa with whom she had no mercy in her opinion and even Adamari López came to the fore.

And it is that hurt for having been betrayed and in the face of the comments that she saw that everyone was talking about in ‘La Casa de los Famosos 2’, Laura Bozzo turned on and grabbed even at the gala before the astonished look of drivers, former participants of the reality show and audience, when he suddenly said ‘the unthinkable’ of Toni Costa, ex of Adamari López.

Laura Bozzo did not hold back when ranting against Toni Costa

Laura bozzo explodes

After she saw a video of how they talked behind her back, Laura Bozzo began to rant about Toni Costa and even “embarrassed” her ex Adamari López to the surprise of all those present: “You know what Toni Costa, I prefer a thousand Sometimes being as I am to being a good guy like you who has spent the entire program behind Niurka, behind Nacho and the truth is that for me you are a great dancer but I know you for being the father of Adamari’s daughter, “he began saying.

And it is that people could not believe, why Laura Bozzo went against Adamari López’s ex if she always got along so well with him and they never had problems between them: “That is a star, that is the queen of Telemundo , kisses Adamari and you Toni learns to say things ‘face to face’ don’t hide daddy”, concluded the Peruvian.

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