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Monday, September 26, 2022

Anne Heche’s family announces “brain death”

  • After making known the alleged death of the actress, the family breaks the silence
  • They announce that she was declared “brain dead”
  • Why is she still on life support?

STILL ALIVE? After spreading the news of the alleged death of the actress, due to a message from one of her close friends, Anne Heche’s representative sent a new letter to the media and pointed out that the interpreter of romantic comedies continues to be connected to the life support, because they want to donate their organs.

The news arose as a result of the strong car accident in which the actress of “Seven days and seven nights” was involved. A week ago, she Anne was involved in two traffic accidents and it is suspected that she may have been drunk or under some corrosive health effect; At the moment, the authorities are still investigating.



After transcending the alleged death of the actress, Anne Heche, her representative came out to communicate what is happening around her state of health and if it is true that she died after being disconnected from life support. According to the letter that she sent to the media, it was revealed that the actress was declared brain dead; however, she remains on life support.

In the letter, they declared that she continues to be connected to the support due to a very special reason and it is due to one of the wishes of the actress and her family, if at any time something happened to her. The representative’s statement came to light after one of Heche’s closest friends, Nancy Davis, announced the death of the actress.

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