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Anne Heche’s ex-boyfriend Thomas Jane says he ‘hopes to be pulled’

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Anne Heche’s ex-boyfriend, actor Thomas Jane, said he “hopes to be pulled over” after Friday’s horrific car accident in Los Angeles. Jane released a statement daily mail and provided an update on his condition amid his hospitalization.

“While Anne and I are no longer an item, today’s sad news was devastating for me and all those who love her,” he said. “My heart goes out to Anne and her two sons. Right now Anne is stable and looks forward to moving forward. My thoughts and prayers are with Anne, one of the true geniuses of her generation. Thank God that No one else got hurt.”

Video captured by CBS Los Angeles shows the massacre left by Heche after his car rammed into a house. another Video Shows a blue Mini Cooper speeding down the road before crashing.

A public information officer for the Los Angeles Police Department will only tell ET that, at 10:55 a.m., a vehicle collided into a residence located on the 1700 block of Walgrove Avenue, although they would not identify the driver, a description of that car who they were. Driving a vehicle, naming a hospital or disclosing an injury.

According to the LAPD, the vehicle burst into flames and the driver was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for medical attention.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Fire Department Told That the single-passenger vehicle in question collided and came to rest well within the 738-square-foot two-storey house, leading to structural compromise and a massive fire prior to the arrival of the LAFD. Heche got burnt in the fire. The cause of the accident is not clear at this time.

Jen and Heche dated in 2019 and 2020. They worked together on their HBO series, hung, Also on Friday, Heche’s ex-boyfriend, actor James Tupper, also offered his “thoughts and prayers” after the horrific accident.

She captioned the Instagram post of a throwback photo, “Thoughts and prayers for this lovely lady, actress and mother tonight – we love you.”

Heche and Tupper dated for over a decade before separating in 2018. They met in 2006 when they co-starred. men in trees, Heche is also the mother of 19-year-old Homer from her previous marriage to Coleman Laffoon.

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