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Anne Heche, who was brain dead, was disconnected from mechanical assistance

The American actress Anne Heche, who on August 5 had suffered a crash with her car that had left her brain dead and remained connected to mechanical assistance equipment to evaluate the donation of her organs, was disconnected last night, August 14, of mechanical assistance equipment, reported the Hollywood reporter site citing his representative.

“Anne Heche has been peacefully taken off life support,” Holly Baird said in a statement last night.

the actress of Psychosis Y six days, seven nights had been declared legally dead in the state of California last Friday, but she continued to be connected to mechanical assistance equipment so that her organs would continue to function while waiting for them to be donated and used in case of transplant compatibility.

Heche, 53, had spent several days in a coma at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills (California) Hospital and Medical Center after his Mini Cooper left the highway on August 5 and crashed into a house causing an intense fire.

The actress Anne Heche was the protagonist of a car crash against a house, which caused a serious fire.  AP Photo

The actress Anne Heche was the protagonist of a car crash against a house, which caused a serious fire. AP Photo

The accident in which she was involved

The actress managed to be rescued from her vehicle and was hospitalized in critical condition. Later, sand determined to be brain deadwhich under California law means she is legally dead, but was kept on life support so that OneLegacy, an organ procurement organization, could see whether he was a match for organ donation.

Heche was married to actress and presenter Ellen DeGeneres and rose to fame from her award-winning participation in the telenovela Another Worldin addition to starring several years later in the series Men in Trees.

Meanwhile, in cinema, the interpreter took part in titles such as Donnie Brasco, volcano, I know what they did last summer, For the life of a friend, Return to Paradise, lies that kill and in Gus van Sant’s remake of Psychosisin which he recreated the famous scene being stabbed in the shower.

The site hit Anne Heche's Mini Cooper.  AFP Photo

The site hit Anne Heche’s Mini Cooper. AFP Photo

fatal wounds

Heche was in the Grossman Burn Center, located at the West Hills Hospital in California, since after the crash his Mini Cooper caught fire, which also affected the two-story house he hit. Were 59 firefighters who worked more than an hour to extinguish the fire.

They also attended her in the hospital for the important pulmonary injuries and a box of anoxiathat is, the total deprivation of oxygen to brain tissue.

The Los Angeles police had reported that Heche – who was a partner of Steve Martin, and also of Ellen DeGeneres for three years – was being investigated for the possible crime of driving under the influence of substances. The blood test performed on the actress “revealed the presence of drugs,” the Los Angeles Police (LAPD) told Fox News.

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Hehce, when they were a couple.  AP Photo

Ellen DeGeneres and Anne Hehce, when they were a couple. AP Photo

“Based on blood draw, the presence of drugs was revealedhowever, additional testing is required to rule out any substance that was administered at the hospital as part of his medical treatment,” the LAPD said.

Finally, after her brain death, it was decided to disconnect her from mechanical assistance.


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