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Monday, September 26, 2022

Anna Ferro reveals how she mourns the death of Fernando del Solar: “A very painful loss”

anna ferrowidow of Fernando del Solarreappeared this week on social networks, specifically on Instagram, to tell how he lives the duel for the death of the television host, which occurred on June 30.

“I know that I have been absent from the networks, I had to get my heart back. It has been a very painful lossbut I know that we are going to get ahead, ”said the yoga instructor in the stories section of the social network.

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Anna noted that “when you have such a strong or hard loss of a being you love so much, many times it is difficult to recover your broken pieces. The duel is not the same for me as it is for everyone, and even if they give us the steps of a duel, it is a lie that you follow them linearly.

About what has worked for him in this process, Ferro commented on 3 things: “Eat well, try to sleep and today I started exercising, I dared to go out into the outside world; I had gone out to do a lot of things that have to be done, but going out like this, something for myself, dedicating time to myself, was a big step.”

“It is very important that you learn to listen, that you go at your own pace, because many times they tell you ‘Cry, let it go, get angry’ and at that moment you don’t even want to cry, you’re angry, you’re in denial, you don’t believe what’s happening and you really feel guilty even smiling, to be here and now and that the other person is not by your side, “he added.

The driver’s widow concluded: “I am still learning and getting to know myself in this new stage because I had never experienced a stage like this. (…) For me this has been a turning point in all aspects of my life, if they say to me: ‘Anna, would you do everything you did before?’, I would say ‘Yes’, because everything good or bad has taught me and I have learned, so I do not regret anything”.


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