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Anna Ferro assures that Ingrid Coronado sued Fernando del Solar days before his death

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Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Sol, dropped a tremendous bomb on ingrid coronado almost a month after his death. And it is that the woman assured that a day after the father of the former driver of come the joy die, Yongrid sued him, asking for more money for her children.

It was in an interview for the magazine Hello! where Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, mHe mentioned that Ingrid Coronado had allegedly sued the Argentine just one day after his father died.

Despite his mourning, Fernando del Solar and her –Anna Ferro– began to deliver some papers to demonstrate their socioeconomic level, after Ingrid Coronado filed a complaint against him on the issue of child support.

“The day after his father’s death we had a socioeconomic study for that lawsuit – which Coronado filed -. ‘It is the first demand that they put me in my life. I’ve never been sued!’” Anna recalled.


In this sense, Anna Ferro mentioned that Fer del Solar didn’t have the head to take charge, so she helped him.

“He had no head at all. Still, he took responsibility for it. I helped him by presenting all the documents that they were asking us for that socioeconomic study that he had neither head nor tail of. The big conflict with him was trying to manage everything,” he added.

Finally, He mentioned that Fer del Solar always took care of the future of his childrenalthough he clarified that he did not agree with the school where his little ones went, because the tuition was very expensive:

“He didn’t agree with his kids’ school, where tuition was like college,” she said.


The legacy of Fernando del Solar

For the same magazine Anna Ferro added that Fernando del Solar left a property for each of his children and that he always provided support and paid school fees, medical expenses, doctors and school supplies.:

“When I met him, he had already put a property in life for each of his children in case he was ever missing. The boys’ mother collected the rent from these houses to support the children. Now that I have been ordering all her documents, I have seen the payment of tuition, medical expenses insurance, doctors, the supply list, the uniforms, everything was saved, ”she clarified.

Fernando del Solar and the death of his father

The death of Fernando del Solar, 49, occurred almost 18 days after his father Norberto Cacciamani also lost his life. It was on June 12 when Fernando del Solar announced that his father had died. He indicated that when he wrote the announcement on social networks, his father had been dead for a few hours:

“I feel very sad and I still can’t believe that I’m not going to see my old man anymore… Neither eat a barbecue, nor laugh at his occurrences… Today I’m going to smile because it happened, because it was him and for everything we lived together “Fernando del Solar wrote on his Instagram account.


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