Anna Faris regretting her marriage to Chris Pratt? They never spoke their problems

During the most recent broadcast of your podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, the actress Anna Faris revealed why she never discussed her marriage problems while married to actor Chris Pratt.

And it is that, in August 2017, after 8 years of being married, Faris and Pratt surprised the world of entertainment with the news of their breakup.

It was during a conversation with Rachel Bilson (The OC, Jumper, Take two) that Faris opened up about his past relationships and even He accepted that he regrets having ignored various things in his relationships.

For me, I think after every breakup, at some point, I realize that there were a lot of things that I ignored that I really shouldn’t have done, ”said the actress.

In hindsight, it felt like my hand had been forced. It was never an independent decision, “he said.

According to the actress of Scary movie, Mom Y OverboardAnother thing that affected her was not having a close group of friends.

That affected me in many ways, I never spoke of any problems. Even with the closest ones.

Things were more transparent during my relationship with Ben (Indra), but with Chris, we both protected the image, even in our close circles ”.

Anna Faris was married to Ben Indra from 2004 to 2008 and in 2009 he gave “Yes” to Chris Pratt.

Since their divorce, Anna and Chris have moved on and are getting along well as parents to their 8-year-old son Jack.

Anna spoke of a person who called the podcast to say that she wanted to break off her engagement before getting married, to which Anna He reflected on what his life would have been like if she had done the same.

Canceling an engagement is a smarter, stronger and braver move than what I did which was like, well I guess everyone is looking forward to this so let’s move on.

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