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Animals in danger of extinction cook in the MasterChef edition (video)

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The MasterChef program would be in serious trouble after using meat from endangered species.

ECUADOR.- Master chef It’s one of the most popular kitchen reality shows in different parts of the world, so it’s not surprising that there are different editions.

Recently the program was in his Ecuador version caused criticism and comments when it became known that they were being used in this country Meat from endangered animals for the preparation of your meals.

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At MasterChef, they cook endangered animals

TO over the internet that controversy which originated in Ecuador after the participants of an edition of Master chef they will use that Bush meat with your culinary preparations. After the wave of criticism, the Latin American country’s Ministry of the Environment said: hunting and eating these species is a crime.

The institution also highlighted this a big problem against the conservation of used animals.

For its part, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition of Ecuador has issued a statement stating that it has not approved this practice since MasterChef participant they had to cook meat out species wild in Danger of extinction.

According to international media, the last broadcast was Cooking show the participants helped prepare a dish Wild, shark, Knee (a species of crocodile), and capybara (a rodent native to Central and South America, considered the largest in the world).

Ecuador’s production has shown that the program was shot abroad, However, the Ministry of the Environment, Water and Ecological Transition pointed out that this does not prevent misunderstandings about the consumption of bushmeat in the country.

It should be noted that the Comprehensive organic criminal code (COIP) grants a Sanction with imprisonment from one to three years for people who get involved Crimes against flora and fauna or kill this Species.

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