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Anibal Pachno and his latest dance moves

Distinguished Citizen. special visitor. guest of honor. Anibal Pacano’s apartment has a wall full of plaques. On the other hand, a shelf with award statues and a library which is in the first place recipes on paperHis daughter Sophia’s book which makes him feel proud.

Born in Tostado, Santa Fe Province, Anibal Pacano also lived in Córdoba Province and then came to Buenos Aires. with a very intense professional and personal life“Resilient for life”, survivor of various adverse diagnoses, Pacano returns to theater with age 67 So… I’m backAt the Regina Theatre.

is about an autobiographical show Which premiered in Carlos Paz and is now brought to Buenos Aires. Led by the renowned dancer, choreographer and director—a TV panelist and jury—, It is a music hall, with more than ten performers on stage.,

Man with top hat and cane.  Anibal Pachno was suffering from various ailments and faced them all.  Photo: Instagram

Man with top hat and cane. Anibal Pachno was suffering from various ailments and faced them all. Photo: Instagram

political father and explorer mother

His mother, a housewife, was the one who noticed long ago that Anibal was a boy with a special talent. “He found, when I was 2 years old, that I had the terms to draw and he bought me a lecture”, he says. Top hat and mustache artist, which is already his trademark, Anibal and his two sisters are the product of their father’s last marriage.

Dentist and politician, Juan Norberto Pacano had a total of nine children with three wives. At the age of 5, on a trip to Buenos Aires, Anibal found that his father had more children And a story that even his mother didn’t know. “A Quilumbo father” was put together, but the spouses remained together.

“My dad brought me to Buenos Aires and there, without knowing it, He used to play with his grandchildren who were my age, Then he told me everything.” And he took her for a walk along Corrientes Avenue to distract him a little. They passed the tabernacles and found out that their father was a well-known character in the cabaret at the time, and He also had his own box.

Although he was very young, he remembers in detail that first tour of the avenue of the theatre.

childhood memories

“I was a happy boy. But he was crying too”, he reviews. When he was 6 years old, Pachanos moved to Carlos Paz, to escape the dangers he faced because of his father’s political position.

“My father was the police chief for the entire province of Santa Fe. Daddy Breeva’s father looked after her‘That was a career”, he reviews. “I come from a fundamentalist and Frontisist family,” he says. “Due to his diabetes, my dad started losing sight, so he left dentistry. When we arrived in Buenos Aires, we brought one hand behind and one in front.”

“I did secondary school in Manuel Belgrano, a public school where I met the son of Canal 13’s artistic director And it gave me an opportunity to work in the entertainment world. My dad couldn’t work anymore and I had to take over,” Pacano says.

-Is that why you started working at the age of 12?

-Undoubted. Earlier I was a cadet in a pharmacy. And besides, whatever he did. I didn’t want to see my elders hurt. We lived in a conventillo in Las Canitasi, A Portuguese family rented the rooms and we stayed there for about three years until we were able to move.

What happened when you finished high school?

At that time I was a cadet in a livestock company and worked for a long time. I signed up for engineering, but I lasted two months. You I finally studied architecture and graduated, I worked in an architectural studio and independently.

From there I have the opportunity to travel to New York for the first time and explore other worlds. without knowing english, i see avoidDancin’ the most controversial show of the ’80s and Bob Fosse’s last.

Later, everything was so dizzy, At the age of 27, as a hobby, he began studying tap with Alberto Aguero. there they met ana sanso (Her partner between 1983 and 1996), at the age of 28, he moved to live with her and they married. Within a few months they established button tapAn emblematic artistic company that shone on stage for 13 years.

He left his profession as an architect, to which he has now returned by driving city ​​of domes, by the canal a. As a result of that marriage, Sofia was born in 1988.

Anibal Pacano with his daughter Sofia and his ex-wife Ana Sanz.  "My only love", defines him.  Photo: Instagram

Anibal Pacano with his daughter Sofia and his ex-wife Ana Sanz. “My only love”, defines him. Photo: Instagram

– Your partner with Anna, was this your longest relationship?

,was my only love, When you have a relationship like this, it’s hard to like it again. I’m not even going to find it, because I think it’s even worse if I look for it, I can’t find anything…

“More than a choreographer, I’m a presenter,” says this artist who decided to tell his life So… I’m back -Including several musical images- “but from the positive”, he highlighted.

the farewell

– This show, do you have some farewell?

-Yes. farewell as a dancer, I think I have already reached a stage. But I do not leave the stage. I stop dancing because I want to teach and guide new generations. I am a teacher by nature. but I will continue acting and directing,

“I fought it and I keep fighting it all the time. I look for work, I generate it and I try to move on”, he assured. “I go through life and I take charge “I am,” he says. He used to smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and also used drugs. “But I was able to get out of everything,

HIV, diabetes and cancer: With each diagnosis he felt that something was happening to him and that something had to happen. “When I got HIV (which I’ve had for over 20 years), there was nothing to blame. It already knew you had to take care of yourself and if it didn’t, who would I blame? Whom would I be angry with? Was the one?” he thinks.

In 2015 he learned he had diabetes, but says it was almost a prediagnosis, as his mother and father were diabetics. Finally, 2017. In cancer has come, in his show Che Tango, that he forgot the lyrics of the songs, but thought it was due to a lack of enthusiasm in what he was doing; but he was one of the first signs of the disease,

Annibal Pacano was encouraged to tell his story in his story “This Is How… I’m Back”.

Added other signs: sadness, anger, dizziness. “Incidentally, Jimena La Torre threw cards at me and told me that I had to keep calm, that I had to take care of myself, that I wasn’t going to do a show that was supposed to happen later,” he said. reviews.

I was trying to avoid fear and think positive, while went from machine to machine to study at the Fleiny Institute.

“I shed tears, but not out of fear. It was a very special emotion. Lung cancer with brain metastases: my head exploded“, he says. “When the doctor told me I had six brain tumours, I laughed. It was the only organ that didn’t get sick”, he says.

The head, always adorned with his top hat, where—his vocabulary suggests—holds a plethora of ideas, stories, anecdotes and projects.

,They operated on me, I was cured farts And when I was in intermediate therapy, I tried to distract myself from sadness and pain”, he recalls. ,Two months later, I already wanted to go back to work, I did Valentine’s House In the theatre, ”he says. The picture also required three sessions of chemotherapy.

-how is your health now?

-Very good. Let’s see how the last MRI I did turned out. I think I’m fine. Too, I walk a lot. I thought I was going to do a quarter of what I do, My biggest problem today is my stomach, it’s because of the mix of remedies I take. This is the only thing that makes my kumkum swell a little. And I can’t make pommel, no matter how much I diet, there is no way.

-Your recovery and good response to treatments, do you attribute any miracle to them?

-Look, in 2015 I went to Virgen del Cerro de Salta. When I went upstairs, I could smell the smell of roses. And when I came I felt at peace. I am not very religious, but this has happened to me. You When I’m diagnosed with cancer, Ana (sons) tells me: “I’m going to Salta to see the Virgin”, And other things happened to him. He looked at Maria Livia, showed her my picture and told her about my case and told her to be calm, that I would be fine. And I’m fine. Sometimes I get jealous. One tumor out of six was removed and I have to control myself.

– Are you going to have the operation again?

There was a conversation about that a while back and I said again, no. I don’t care… But if i have to do it, i will,

Do it, that’s all. Nothing stops Pacno: “I wrote a biopic. From there the idea of ​​doing the show came. So… I’m back, one of the prettiest I’ve done. Now I’m on track to see how that eight-part biopic can be developed. Because my life has been rich and eventful. A wonderful life”.

Anibal Pacano shone at Botton Tap and from there he never left the show.  Photo: Instagram

Anibal Pacano shone at Botton Tap and from there he never left the show. Photo: Instagram


By July, the works of So… I’m back He can be seen in the Regina Theater (Av. Santa Fe 1235). They will be on Friday and Saturday at 9:45 pm.


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