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Angelina Jolie to direct and produce ‘Without Blood’ starring Salma Hayek

Dust off the director’s chair and get on the plane, Angelina Jolie is in Italy this month to direct her latest film, without blood, The film will be Jolie’s fifth film as a director, and her first to sign a three-year filmmaking deal with the Fremantle Production Company in March.

In addition to directing, Jolie also wrote and produced without blood, The cast will include Academy Award nominees Salma Hayek and Damien Bichir, and the group will film in the Puglia and Basilicata regions of southern Italy, as well as Rome.

Based on the novel by Alessandro Barrico, the film takes place after an unknown conflict in the Italian countryside. Survivor is a 4-year-old girl, Nina, whose story compels the reader to discover the truth of war, trauma, memory and healing.

“I am honored to have brought this special material to film in Italy, and to be entrusted with the adaptation of his book by Alessandro Barrico, with its unique poetry and feeling and way of looking at war, and the question it represents. is what we seek after trauma or loss or injustice,” Jolie said in a statement on Thursday.

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