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Angelina Jolie opens up about unknown aspects of her role as a mother

Angelina Jolie opens up about unknown aspects of her role as a mother

Although she is perhaps one of the most famous actresses in the world, Angelina Jolie assures that her most important role is that of motherhood. Since in 2002 he adopted Maddox, the oldest of her six children, the actress has always prioritized her role as a mother alongside her international career and her commitment to humanitarian causes.

In a recent very personal interview with the magazine People, Angelina elaborated on how her relationship with her children, of very different ages, is like.

Maddox, 20; Pax, 17; Zahara, 16, Shiloh, 15; and twins Vivienne and Knox, 13 (the last three, during their relationship with Brad Pitt), are the center of the conversation in which the actress dedicates very affectionate words to them. And she admits that she criticizes herself a lot in her performance as a mom.

Angelina Jolie And Five Of Her Six Children Share A Red Carpet At The Premiere Of &Quot;Eternals&Quot; In Los Angeles Two Months Ago.  Photo: Afp

Angelina Jolie and five of her six children share a red carpet at the premiere of “Eternals” in Los Angeles two months ago. Photo: AFP

“I’m by no means the perfect mother,” she says. “Every day I feel that I am more aware of everything that I cannot do well. I’m quite picky about myself, because I often ask myself, ‘Am I doing it right? Have I said things correctly? “, He detailed in the interview.

“I lack skills”

Angelina assures that, continually, she feels that she lacks the skills that a traditional mother who stays at home longer usually has. But she explained that her children helped her and compensate for that by being “very resilient.” “They know me very well, better than anyone, and I have no secrets from them.” That, he says, is something that makes them “like a team.”

Angelina Jolie, Very Aware Of The Upbringing Of Each Of Her Children.  Afp Photo

Angelina Jolie, very aware of the upbringing of each of her children. AFP photo

In this interview, the interpreter of Maleficent He continues to praise the virtues of each of his six children. The three oldest were adopted (Maddox in Cambodia, Pax in Vietnam and Zahara in Ethiopia), but there are no differences in upbringing from the three she had with Pitt, from whom she separated more than five years ago.

Since then, the hardest thing has been getting through the tenure disputes that came tied to the divorce process. But Angelina confesses that the attitude of the boys makes up for that bitter drink. “My children have done many, many good things,” he says. “The kindness of my children has been healing for me.”

“They are very good people,” he says, adding that the fact that they are such a large family makes everything more bearable and fun. “Being so many, I think they have an important effect on each other,” he admits.

Angelina Jolie And Her Six Children During A Visit To The Louvre Museum In Paris.  &Quot;We Are A Team,&Quot; Said The Actress.  Afp Photo

Angelina Jolie and her six children during a visit to the Louvre museum in Paris. “We are a team,” said the actress. AFP photo

“I am not the leader of anything. I am very honest with them. I am very human with my children ”, she assures. “I have always been feeling very curious about what is in each of them during their growth. My priority is to be there to support them and help them develop different aspects of who they are.”

In a rare report, Jolie continued to provide details about everyday life with her children. “In my house I have six individual human beings. I am excited by all their stages, their feelings, the curiosities that they are going through. How not to be? “, He says.

Reflecting on his role, he adds: “We are supposed to be here to help you discover who you are. And you can’t know it if you don’t live that development enthusiastically with them ”.

Angelina Lends Her Daughters Her Dresses To Go To The Premieres.  Ap Photo

Angelina lends her daughters her dresses to go to the premieres. AP Photo

While Jolie and Pitt were married, the photos of the family group were not very frequent, trying to preserve their privacy amid the overwhelming fame of their mother and father. However, in recent times Angelina has been much more frequently, with her children, traveling, shopping or sharing the red carpet at different events around the world.

Last October, everyone but Maddox (who is already studying at university) posed with the actress at the premiere of Eternals in Los Angeles, and Zahara even wore the same Elie Saab dress that Jolie had worn at the 2014 Oscars.

A few days later, Zahara and Shiloh joined their mother again at the premiere of that same film at the Rome Film Festival, and at the end of the same month, she and her five children, again without Maddox, were together again. on the red carpet, during the film’s premiere in London, and this time Shiloh was the one who wore a Dior model that her mother had worn before.


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