Home Entertainment Angelica Valle dedicates her star to Mexico

Angelica Valle dedicates her star to Mexico

Angelica Valle dedicates her star to Mexico

MEXICO CITY (AP) .- Angelica Valle dedicated her future star to Mexico on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saying she is proud to develop her career in Spanish.

“I feel very comfortable with my career in Spanish. I’m so happy. I never thought that even a committee of Americans would turn to see a folder in which Angelica Vale said,” she said at her home in Los Angeles. But said in a recent interview.

The singer, actress and comedian, star of works and musicals such as “Lies” and “Vaseline,” will be recognized for her career in theater in 2022 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, a group on the Walk of Fame.

The actress said she couldn’t sleep the day she came to know that she would get the star. “I had no idea this could happen to me. It was my husband who was crazy to apply and came out and said yes,” he said.

“It feels great and that they give me for my theater career, it still feels more beautiful because that’s where I left all the sweat and tears,” added the television star, whose credits include Contains the soap opera “The Most Beautiful Ugly”. “

Angelica Welle revealed that she moved to Los Angeles a decade ago to work for her husband, television executive Otto Padrone, and not to pursue a career in the mecca of cinema. He insisted that he continue working in Spanish by his own decision.

And he’ll be in great company on the ride. His mother, actress and singer Angelica Maria, unveiled her own star in 2016.

“I say this and I don’t believe it,” said Angelica.

“How wonderful to be able to be with your mother for the rest of your life. It is an honor”.

Angelica Vale’s career is different from the career of her mother, who is much more devoted to comedy and humor than hers. But first, she said she had to silence the voices comparing her to her mother.

“Growing up with famous fathers isn’t easy, I’ll admit, it’s not easy at all,” he said. “Yeah, there came a time when I said, Why did everyone want me to be Angelica Maria?”

The actress already had many years of professional experience and was still a child when conversations with her grandmother helped her find clarity and the strength to move on, separating herself from her mother, whom she nevertheless An example to follow and a great guide holds. his career.