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Angela Black, the woman who, in this British thriller, walks a path as black as her surname

Angela Black, the woman who, in this British thriller, walks a path as black as her surname

Nothing is what it seems. Or is it what it seems? And what seems to be real? Does it happen or do we imagine it? Or the one that imagines it Angela black?, the woman whose identity gives the title to this psychological thriller, with touches of family drama, who is available on the DirecTV Go digital platform.

The best that this six-episode series has at times also becomes the worst, because the story surfs between a supposed (and old) family harmony, which is suddenly crossed by the violence exercised by her husband, then they appear flashbacks that cast doubt on the previous images and you get to the last part of the story without knowing how much of all that really happened.

Is she a victim? From the outset there is no doubt, but The Harris brothers’ script manages to cover the easy way out of the maze. It is not a series suitable for those fortune tellers.

Samuel Adewunmi, Joanne Froggat And Michiel Huisman, The Leading Trident.

Samuel Adewunmi, Joanne Froggat and Michiel Huisman, the leading trident.

Hit authors like The Missing, from his spin-off Julien Baptiste (which we recommended in this mission section a few days ago) or from Roll, Harry and Jack Williams are specialists in showing conflicting links and in getting out of the linear story from time to time.

Here they put the magnifying glass in a luxurious London house, where Angela Black, her husband, Olivier, and their two children live. They have plenty of comfort, wine, they lack a lot. But immediately the viewer becomes confused about whether what we see is what happens or what she imagines, as more than one would have her believe, from fantasies that would have been awakened by a book by Ed Harris.

And Ed Harris (Samuel Adewunmi) is precisely the man who approaches her one night of the first chapter to warn her that her husband hired him to kill her. She disbelieves.

Ed insists, wraps her up and convinces her that the best thing is to beat him and, together, kill him. From these data, it is better to discover how the scenes of violence, suspense and fear pile up. And multiple treason? The viewer is left to feel compassion for this woman who does not know what the enemy is and who tries to continue with her life as a dog sitter. Y dog’s life.

Michelle Dockery As Lady Mary And Joanne Froggatt As Anna Bates, In A Scene From &Quot;Downtown Abbey.&Quot;

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary and Joanne Froggatt as Anna Bates, in a scene from “Downtown Abbey.”

Beyond a remarkable quest for tension, which from time to time it becomes unsustainableOne of the strengths is the performance of the protagonist, Joanne Froggat, who we have seen show off in various series, especially as Downtown Abbey’s Anne Bates. Y Michiel Huisman, the actor who plays Olivier, her husband, has joined the host of the extensive cast of Game of Thrones.

Strong names on one side of the screen and the other, that give guarantees, abound, only that the psychological seasoning of this capable thriller is past the recommended dose to keep captive to the public until the end.


Qualification: Good

Thriller and drama Protagonists: Joanne Froggat, Michiel Huisman and Samuel Adewunmi Creators: Harry and Jack Williams Issue: Six episodes on DirecTV Go.

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