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Ángela Aguilar leaves her Tesla stuck in the mud and her brother Leonardo had to rescue her

Ángela Aguilar has become one of the most successful young singers in all of Mexico and America, The youngest of the dynasty has shown great talent in each of her presentations, as well as in her most recent premieres, in addition, in her videos shared on social networks, you can appreciate the good relationship she has with her brothers.

Although they both seek to excel in music, Angela and Leonardo have always made it clear that they have a great sibling relationship and support each other. This was demonstrated by the singer recently when he had to rescue his younger sister from a complicated situation.

Leonardo came to Angela’s rescue after she left her Tesla stuck in the mud, in the clip recorded by the singer and later spread by different accounts that follow Pepe Aguila’s daughterr. There is no explanation why the interpreter of he dressed up I was driving through an area full of grass.

They had to use a jeep to get the vehicle out of the mud in which it was found, despite the fact that Ángela did not stop laughing, Leonardo’s face said it all because with his gesture he showed his discontent.

“Bravoooo!” Angela shouted while Leonardo just turned to look at her with a very serious face. Among the comments on the video, Internet users did not hesitate to react to the luxurious cars in which the members of the Aguilar dynasty ride.


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