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Ángela Aguilar dedicates a message to her father for her birthday: “Thank you for taking care of us”

The Aguilar dynasty is on long tablecloths: Pepe Aguilar he turns 53 today and to celebrate his daughter, Angela, has dedicated an emotional message to him that he accompanied with unpublished family photographs. Throughout the text, the singer thanks her for being her guide and being by her side in the most complicated moments.

It was through her Instagram account that the interpreter of Tell me how you want dedicated some affectionate words to her father, the son of two Mexican idols: the movie star Wild Flower and Antonio Aguilarknown as The Charro of Mexico.

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Ángela Aguilar described Pepe Aguilar as “the manmore prepared, understanding, compassionate, honest, intelligent, genuine and hardworking” that he has met in his life.

“Happy birthday, Pepe Aguilar. Thank you for taking care of us, guiding us, teaching us and pushing us”The 18-year-old singer wrote at the beginning of her message.

The artist made it clear how proud she is that he is her father: “Forever a privilege to be your daughter and apprentice”he wrote at the end of the text next to some heart emoticons.

Flor Silvestre’s granddaughter accompanied her congratulations with photos and images in which she is seen accompanied by Pepe Aguilar. In one of the videos, the singer is seen playing with his pug dog, known as Fat.

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In interview with The fat and the skinnyPepe Aguilar revealed that it is not important for him to get into his daughter’s sentimental life. On whether he is a jealous father, the singer mentioned that he is not. However, he pointed out that something he wants is for his daughter to be treated well, because if someone wants to be ‘clever’ with his daughter, ‘they will deal with him’.

“I’m not jealous, but yes, I don’t like that nobody wants to go too far and if someone wants to go too far then they do see it with me. Because it’s one thing to get into a relationship with my children, which I don’t do, and another thing is to let them abuse them. I’m 1.96, I carry weapons and I know jiu-jitsu,” she said.


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