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Andy Cohen Takes On Drunken Rant Over Bill De Blasio Live On CNN During NYE Show

Andy Cohen

Whoops! Andy Cohen woke up on January 1, admitting he was “a little too served” in New York City, after blasting Mayor Bill de Blasio on live television.

“Sayonara miller! ” Andy cohen didn’t hold back when he told CNN viewers Live New Years Eve what he thought of the former mayor Bill de Blasio, who was replaced by the mayor Eric adams after the ball has dropped.

While hosting the annual show alongside his close friend, Anderson Cooper, Andy snatched a new one from de Blasio, despite Anderson trying to restrain him and begging him not to “rant”.

“Do his victory dance turn after four years as New York City’s craziest tenure,” Andy Cohen shouted into the camera, as Anderson shook his head and repeated “wow” in disbelief. “The only thing Democrats and Republicans can agree on is what a horrible mayor he has been on. So, sayonara sucker! “

Bill de Blasio, who actually served 8 years – not four, as Andy said, has also been criticized for dancing with the first lady. Chirlane mccray after the balloon dropped in Times Square on January 1, 2021. “I just don’t need to see this in early 2021. Do something with this city! Honestly, come together! Andy said, before ending his rant by adding that he would be “back to Bravo in 20 minutes.”

Bill de Blasio completed his second term as mayor amid a spike in crime and a 10-year record of murders in the five boroughs. And his approval rating was as low as 25 percent in September, according to a survey.

After Andy’s rant went viral on social media, following the airing of his NYE ​​special with Anderson Cooper, the host of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen took to Twitter on Jan. 1 to admit he probably had “over-served” alcohol during the special. Whoops.

Reference from hollywoodlife