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Andy Cohen reveals the sweet inspiration behind newborn daughter Lucy’s name

Andy Cohen reveals the sweet inspiration behind newborn daughter Lucy's name

The 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen' host announced his daughter's arrival on April 29.

Andy Cohen’s daughter’s name has a special meaning! On Monday, the 53-year-old host — who welcomed her baby girl, Lucy Eve Cohen, on April 29 — shared how her family influenced her name.

“Louise is a big name in my family, two great-grandfathers and my dad’s all named Lewis, so I’ve got Lucy,” Cohen said on Monday. Watch Live with Andy Cohen What Happens?, which was his first show after welcoming his daughter. “By the way, I’ve always loved the name Lucy. My mom, as you know,’s name is Evelyn and that’s where Eve comes from, so Lucy Eve.”

Cohen explained that although there is a Jewish tradition of naming children after deceased relatives, the Bravo EP spoke to their rabbis before deciding to name their daughter after the parents—who are alive.

“After speaking at length with my rabbi,” he said. “Judaism is one big multicultural tent with many traditions and honors. So, Lucy Eve, welcome to the world.”

On April 29, Cohen announced that he had welcomed his daughter via surrogate, sharing that she weighed 8 pounds. and 13 oz. In addition to revealing his name, Cohen had a special message of gratitude to all the fans who have supported him in his fatherhood journey.

“As I put Lucy in the hospital, just she and I, late on her first night, I was so moved by all your love and support,” Cohen said. “I see all your messages. I want you to know that your virtual cheerleading on me starting a family on my own has lifted me up when I needed it most and of course, I Didn’t do it on my own.”

real housewives The producer also dedicated a special message to his surrogate, who arrived in the studio just two days before Lucy was born.

“I have to thank my incredible surrogate once again,” he said. “She’s been such a companion and friend to me. She was in the front row, right here watch live what happensThe last show we taped was two days before Lucy was born. I thought we were going to have a real life clubhouse baby right here. ,

He continued, “I am so grateful to her and grateful that she can deliver and take Lucy to New York State where surrogacy is now legal, with a law giving the surrogate all the rights and protections that she has.” They strongly deserve.”

Lucy also made her grand television debut. During the segment, Cohen shared a video of Lucy watch live what happens audience. In the video, Cohen sings the show’s theme song, but recreates it to include his little girl’s name while looking at the camera.

Little Lucy visits her 3-year-old brother, Benjamin. Shortly after her arrival, Cohen shared a photo of Ben kissing his younger sister during their first meeting. “When Ben met Lucy ️,” he captioned the sweet picture.

Over the weekend, Cohen posted a photo of his best friend Anderson Cooper, sharing a sweet moment with Lucy.

“Uncle Anderson, keeping Lucy honest! (Plus – the @fendi pants were a gift from Denise Richards to Ben, and the shiny Snoopy Hussey courtesy Marie Osmond! So happy to be able to pass them on to Lucy!) ,” he captioned the picture of the CNN anchor and his little girl.

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