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‘Andrew S. and Michael A. from The Bachelorette reveal if they want to be single (exclusive)

'Andrew S. and Michael A. from The Bachelorette reveal if they want to be single (exclusive)

Could Michael Allio or Andrew Spencer be the next singles? When ET spoke to ex Bachelorette Katie Thurston on Monday’s recording Men say it all Especially, they both left the door open for a possible stint as a single, albeit tentatively.

“[I’m] literally getting over a heartbreak a bit ago. My situation is different from the others, “said Michael, who is a widower and single father.” I have to take into account my family, my son, how they would interpret it. It would be a totally different season. At this point, I’m not very interested, but they haven’t even offered it to me. “

While Michael may hesitate to lead the franchise, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams, who have hosted this season of High school, they are supporting you to do just that.

“He’s an amazing human being. He’s so strong, open and vulnerable,” Kaitlyn said of the 36-year-old business owner. “It is so incredible to see someone believe in the love that has gone through what he has gone through.”

“He just did it in the most beautiful way where he still wants to create this legacy for his late wife, and he wants to remember her and talk about her, but he is still open to the next phase,” he continued. “He’s also very compassionate … I feel like he’s a really special person.”

Tayshia agreed, calling Michael “an amazing guy” and even comparing him to her fiancé, Zac Clark.

“Honestly, I feel like I could make a lot of people believe in love again if they’ve had a hard time. [and] I lost sight of it. I feel like he provokes that in the way he talks about love, even Katie said that, “Tayshia told ET.” In fact, I’m very happy to have something like that with Zac. It just makes you appreciate it a little more. I think he would be an amazing bachelor. “

Whether or not he becomes the single, Michael was quick to shut down any possibility of continuing. Bachelor in Paradise, telling ET that it “definitely isn’t” something he would do.

When it comes to Andrew, the 26-year-old professional football player called Bachelor’s question “difficult.”

“I think it’s a very difficult and long process, obviously … Seeing Katie do what she had to do, remember stories or remember names, it’s really amazing that she did it. Anyone who did it is really amazing,” she said. . “I can’t even imagine going through that, but that’s something I’d have to dig into and think about. Right now, I’m not thinking about it.”

Although he’s not thinking about his single potential, Andrew said he’d “love” to continue. ParadiseIt’s not something he did in the show’s upcoming seventh season, though, which will premiere next month.

As for Katie, she decided to split her bachelor’s vote in two and award it to both Michael and Andrew.

“They both have a lot to offer. I think they are both in a place where they are ready to settle down and find their person,” he said of the men. “I think they are very mature and they would make great husbands. Michael is already a great father. They are so deserving. I want nothing but the best for them.”

Katie’s breakups with Michael and Andrew were some of the most exciting of the season as the former was sent home to be with his son and the latter shared three devastating bachelorette goodbyes. Both men have expressed interest in trying again with Katie, should she end up single at the end of the season.

“I told her tonight that I would do all of that,” Michael said, “but I think she’s ready to move on, so I have to start that process myself.”

“The way we left, it was like a lot of questions in the air. There was a lot of love there,” Andrew told ET. “… I’ve seen the show and it’s a bit difficult [to watch]. On this day, at this moment, I think we have to talk. If anything, I’d love to sit down and talk to her one day, hang out and see where her head is. “

Despite counting Michael as her most difficult reunion and praising Andrew, Katie said she doesn’t plan to get back with any of her exes.

“I have closed those chapters and have moved on,” he said. “I just don’t see myself going back and visiting relationships with these men that I have already had the opportunity to do.”

Michael fully understood and told ET: “I think tonight I was able to achieve the closure that I needed … I feel like there is hope for me to find love again.”

Andrew noted that he is also “so open in the pursuit of love.”

“I’m really looking to fall in love,” he said. “I’m an optimistic romantic and, like, that’s 100 percent what I’m trying to do right now.”

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