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Andrés García’s spouse breaks the silence soon after a statement from her son Leonardo García (Movie)

  • Andrés García’s spouse breaks the silence
  • Margarita Portillo responds to Leonardo García
  • “He is lying”

Wife Andrés García breaks silence. A fantastic controversy has been unleashed by the son of the soap opera heartthrob, Andrés García, we are talking about Leonardo, when he issued a assertion in which he disclosed the state of health of his father. He manufactured it acknowledged through his Instagram account exactly where he answers why he has not been equipped to be by his side.

In a submit, he revealed that the Dominican is facing “the major fight he has ever had”… “Suitable now he is experiencing the most significant battle he has ever experienced, his wellness, which has deteriorated speedily owing to his age and various diseases that weaken it day by day”, he says in his text.

Wife Andrés García breaks the silence and responds to Leonardo

This has been going on for a lifetime, let Leonardo talk about why his father on his 80th birthday, that my son paid for everything, let Leonardo talk about why Andrés ended up running him out of the meeting.  I don't want to talk about it anymore because he is my husband's son, I don't like being messed with because I don't mess with anyone.  At Easter I know that he asked his father for money because they had not paid him, that they were going to deposit him https://www.milenio.com/espectaculos/famosos/margarita-portillo-esposa-andres-garcia- against-leonardo-by-accusation

It should be remembered that the renowned actor was identified with cirrhosis, which is extra to fibromyalgia and a affliction in which his spinal cord destroys his red blood cells. It was last November 16 when he was hospitalized in an unexpected emergency from his house in Acapulco.

In the exact assertion, Leonardo García attacked the wife of the Dominican actor, who is at the moment in cost of caring for Andrés. Having said that, for her son, the way in which Margarita Portillo cares for her father does not appear suitable.

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