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Andrés García’s daughter breaks down in tears and denies abuse: VIDEO

MEXICO CITY.- Andrea Garcia, actor’s daughter Andres Garcia He decided to be the one to put an end to the lawsuit he allegedly had with his father, who a few days ago caused great concern by assuring that his “end was near”. With tears on her face, the actress spoke of the controversy in which she and her father are involved.

Andrés García’s daughter breaks down in tears and denies abuse

Andres Garcia has given much to talk about in recent days, after it became known that suffered a spectacular fall at his home in Acapulco, Guerrero, which resulted in a large head injury.

However, his accident would have helped him reunite with his children Andres Jr and Leonardo, who are in the port where the former soap opera heartthrob resides.

Nevertheless, Andrew also has a daughter which she has preferred to ignore, because according to what was said in an interview, in addition to having no communication, she has not known anything for a long time. Also, the actor stated that his daughter is in bad steps and that he wanted to advise her, but she supposedly accused him of abuse.

Due to the delicate health that has presented Andres Garcia, Andrea He decided to send a message to his dad. The actress, who could not hold back her tears and burst into tears, assured the actor that she loves him and that she would never make a false statement about him.

Through a video shared on your Instagram account, andrea garcia regretted that certain publications try to damage the relationship with his father, since he has never said negative comments about him. Likewise, he denied having stated that her father abused her as published. Ella Andrea assured that “her father is a good man.”

“First of all I want to say that it is a real sadness that there are media so lacking in the light of God that they dare to publish lies of that size, I never made those statements about my dad, my dad is a good man, I have never said anything negative, nor any lie, nor any statement that affects my dad, I love my dad,” said the actress.

With tears on your face, andrea garcia He reiterated his love for his father and took advantage of the space to apologize “if he hurt him in any way.”

“Daddy, I love you, I never told those lies please, if I have hurt you in somethingforgive me and I forgive you too, because I know that in your heart there is love and that although these people want to separate families, they will not be able to do it, because you have the light of God in your heart and in your mind and You know that I love you and I never said those things,” Andres García’s daughter pointed out.

Finally, the actress, unable to contain her tears, wished that the health of Andres Garcia get better and expressed that he wants to see him soon, so he asked him to please answer the phone.

I send you a hug with all my love and I hope you get well soon, I’m going to call you, I hope you answer me or call me, I love you and that in your heart and in your mind no one can harm our father-daughter relationship,” concluded the actress.

Who is Andrea Garcia?

She is the third daughter of Andres Garcia. Andrea It is the result of his second marriage to Fernanda Ampudia. The youngest daughter of the histrión was born in 1975, and from a very young age she began to prepare at the Televisa Artistic Education Center to be an actress and host, in addition, she is a model.

Regarding his artistic career, andrea garcia She was on the program ”TV at night” for 4 years as a host.

He also acted in soap operas such as: ”Emerald”, ”Zip code”, ”To hell with the handsome ones”, ”In the name of love” and ”Triumph of love”.

Between 2015 and 2017 he made his last appearance on the reality show “Rich, famous, Latina”‘, along with Niurka, since then he has not been seen in any project.

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