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Andrés García uncovered that “the brides were exchanged” with Luis Miguel

Andrés García helped Luis Miguel launch his career as a singer (Instagram)

Andres Garcia has gained media attention for a few weeks, when the 81-year-old actor set off the alarms of his followers by announcing that He had suffered a spectacular accident that caused him a great injury in the skull after a fall at his home, where he has lived for a long time in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero.

The veteran artist is under the care of his wife Margarita Portillo, who cares for him due to the cirrhosis that the actor was recently diagnosed with, which added to his lumbar injuries and the leukemia that was also detected, keep his health deteriorated.

In addition, Andrés García has given something to talk about because of the scandalous statements, such as ensuring that “his end is near”, and for challenging whoever was like another son for him, the actor Roberto Palazuelos, to a duel with bullets.

Andrés García has seen his health decline in recent times (Video: TV Azteca)

And it is that his statements have not only emerged from the different media spaces where the protagonist of Peter Navajas has been linked from his mansion, but also because of the dynamics that he presents on his YouTube channel, where he frequently answers the questions that his followers ask him.

On this occasion, the actor who recently received the support of Anahí caused a stir by ensuring that with Luis Miguel the brides were “exchanged”. And it is that García was questioned if he ever interfered in any love relationship of the singer of It will be that you do not love meor if he was the odd man out between the Sun and some woman.

And it is that for many years both Luis Miguel and the soap opera actor like The privilege of loving Y the jackpot They belonged to the select group of the most sought-after leading men of the Mexican show, so García’s fans wondered if they ever had the same girlfriend.

Luis Miguel
Luis Miguel’s relationship with Andrés García was so close that he called him “uncle”.

“I wouldn’t say lower him (a girlfriend), nor would he me, but rather we exchanged,” the Dominican-born actor briefly replied while enjoying a meal in Acapulco.

Even though now the relationship between Andrés García and Luis Miguel is not very closeFor years they maintained very close ties. And it is that the actor of The body of desire He was very close to Luisito Rey and his familyand thanks to that relationship was how he was able to witness the first steps of Luis Miguel in the world of music.

During their childhood, Mickey He was supported by Andrés, who was even able to help him get spots on television so that he could present his project as a child singer.

García was a support for the interpreter of When the sun heats during his early years in the show business and at other critical moments in the artist’s life, such as when he had to face the disappearance of his mother when he was very youngthe remembered Marcela Basteri.

Just at the beginning of August, Andrés García was questioned by one of his followers about if Luis Miguel had looked for him in the midst of his delicate state of health, to which the man who came to be considered “the most handsome in the middle” answered:

“Well, notice that he hasn’t looked for me (Luis Miguel), but I understand it because Micky has become a very famous actor (singer/artist) all over the world and when you become so famous you don’t have time for anything, even if it seems incredible, “he said in one of his usual question-and-answer dynamics.

In said video, Andrés García excused Luis Miguel’s departure and said he understood them without judging his busy schedule, which keeps him separated from his friends:

“It also touched me in times of non-stop working like Micky is now, working… Being an artist, when you are already very famous, well you have to answer the fans, you have to answer the producers, the assistant producers, the assistant directors and people with whom you work for your shows or movies, plus the public that comes to you in person to take a picture of you, to congratulate you and then it happens that you really don’t have time to do anything, “he said then.


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