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Andrés García revealed that Luis Miguel does not look for him in the midst of his illness: “He has no time for anything”

Andrés García helped Luis Miguel launch his career as a singer (Photos: Instagram)

Andres Garcia has been present in the media in recent weeks, after the veteran actor caused the concern of his fans after communicating that suffer from cirrhosiscoupled with other ailments that afflict him, García expressed that he was already living his last days.

And it is that for the man born in the Dominican Republic, who calls himself “the last living legend of Mexican cinema”, the days are numbered because he has expressed that he suffers from weakness, because in addition to the leukemia that was diagnosed a long time ago and because of the back pain that afflicts him.

Now, after the controversy he sustained against Robert Palazueloswhom he challenged to a hypothetical shooting duel, which the actor declined “because we are not in the old west”, Andrés García participated in one of his usual dynamics of questions and answers in Youtube.

García was sympathetic to Luis Miguel's busy schedule (Screenshot: YouTube/Andrés García Tv)
García was sympathetic to Luis Miguel’s busy schedule (Screenshot: YouTube/Andrés García Tv)

the actor of The body of desire answered some questions from his followers and, in one of them, he talked about his null current relationship with Luis Miguelwith whom the 81-year-old actor has had a friendship for many years, when he was very close to the singer’s missing parents, Luisito Rey and Marcela Basteri.

In fact, García witnessed the rise of Sun as a singer since he was a child and was even able help you find a space in the competitive middle of the show. Now, García was questioned about whether the singer of It will be that you do not love me has sought him out to find out his state of health, to which the veteran actor expressed:

“Well, notice that he hasn’t looked for me (Luis Miguel), but I understand it because Micky has become a very famous actor (singer/artist) all over the world and when you become so famous you don’t have time for anything, even if it seems incredible”.

So close was Luis Miguel
So close was Luis Miguel’s relationship with Andrés García that he called him “uncle” (Photo: File)

In the video where the actor can be seen at the wheel of his truck driving along the coast of Acapulco, where he has lived for some time, he excused Luis Miguel about his distant relationship.

“It also touched me in times of non-stop working like Micky is now, working. I say it because my friends told me ‘what happened, bastard, you forgot your friends‘ , I told them ‘you’re not going to believe me, I don’t even have time to remember to give you a phone, man. Because being an artist, when you are already very famous, well you have to answer the fans, you have to answer the producers, the assistant producers, the assistant directors and people with whom you work for your shows or movies, plus the public that comes to you in person to take a picture of you, to congratulate you and then it happens that you really don’t have time to do anything, “added the actor from soap operas like The privilege of loving.

At 81, the actor lives in retirement at his home in Acapulco (Photo: Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial)
At 81, the actor lives in retirement at his home in Acapulco (Photo: Instagram/@andresgarciatvoficial)

Andrés was sympathetic to the lack of communication between him and the famous singer, arguing that his profession is so absorbing that he has no time left for personal relationships.

“For this reason, I do not take Luis Miguel badly in any way that he is busy attending to his work, the public, in addition to putting on his shows, because the singers have to choose their songs, rehearse them; the actors still have to rehearse the moviesin my case it was rehearsing everything, because I directed, produced and acted, so I never had time”, he said.

García praised the equanimity of the president of the republic (Photo: screenshot / Youtube Andrés Manuel López Obrador)
García praised the equanimity of the president of the republic (Photo: screenshot / Youtube Andrés Manuel López Obrador)

Likewise, García shared what he thinks about the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, this at the express question of one of his followers.

“I’m going to tell you one thing, ‘The mornings’ of the president Yes, I have seen them and I like the attitude of President López Obrador because he is always calm, he is never angry like me, he is always reassuring and that reassures one to see him like this, which explains how he is governing and his plans, “he added.


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