Home Entertainment Andrés García faced armed men in his house, there were bullets

Andrés García faced armed men in his house, there were bullets

Andrés García faced armed men in his house, there were bullets

Andrés García has an enormous property in AcapulcoAt 80 years previous, he likes to hold weapons for his security and because of that he found that there have been armed males inside his house, so he determined to confront them.

Andrés García confronted armed males at his house in Acapulco, there have been bullets

The actor shared his expertise with this system Sale El Sol, to whom he narrated the way in which during which he realized that there was somebody unusual inside his property since his canine began behaving unusually.

Confronted with the unusual conduct of your canine, Andrés fired into the air to scare the canine in order that it will not chew the guests he had at the moment in his residence, however unusually somebody fired a bullet close to the place he was.

That is how it’s, Andres Garcia he had not observed that there have been three intruders inside his residence and because of the truth that he fired a bullet into the air, they responded.

“I went out with the visitors, with the confidence that the dog was there and since I cannot walk well, the dog came quietly, left and then was going to bite the visitor. He was coming down the stairs with difficulty and I shot the dog. In that I shoot the bullet, which is the only thing that scares him, and I hear that they shoot a bullet behind me, ”mentioned Andrés García.

One of many photographs hit Andrés García’s truck instantly

The second they shot at him, Andrés García was on the steps that join the home with the backyard space and the bullet resulted in one in all its columns.

“They shot me, the shot is in that column. I turned back and they had gotten three heads … and when I shot the dog, they thought he was shooting them, I hadn’t even seen them. I saw them hanging around, three I managed to see and I don’t know if there were more, that was when I shot them back ”, defined the actor.

Others photographs ended up embedded in one in all his vans, because the thieves responded to the shot that Andrés García fired into the air.

“I shot them and so they threw me again and I stored answering them. And the way it went, I do not know, however I do know that they managed to shoot one in all my vans, “he explained.

Given this, Andrés García will examine the way in which during which these three topics entered his property via the cameras and can reinforce your safety inside.

The Andrés García’s home in Acapulco is called ‘El Paraíso’ and it will be price near $ 5 million.

Reference from PrimeraFila – La Noticia