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Saturday, August 13, 2022

Andrés García denied an interview because he felt weak and spoke with difficulty: “I’m very sick”

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Andrés García continues to worry the middle of the show about his state of health. A few days ago the actor commented that after suffering a heavy fall he had to go to the hospital and after several studies they detected cirrhosis. All these problems have affected him and he recently denied an interview because he was not in the best condition.

The famous was contacted by the program Gossip who sought to have an interview with him, however, Andrés García mentioned that he was not feeling well and that he could not speak.

“I feel very weak, at the moment I can’t talk about anything. My throat is fucked too, so now is not the time. What you want is an interview, but I’m very sick right now, I’m not going to give interviews, “said the actor.

The actor pointed out that, although for now he does not want to give interviews, as soon as he feels better he will gladly agree to speak to the media.

“We would have to wait, I don’t know how long, for me to feel a little less bad and to be able to speak better because, if he realizes it, it’s hard for me to speak”.

Andrés García recently shared a video on YouTube, in which he commented that he had to do it in his bed because he felt weak. This no doubt worried his followers again.

“I’m going to have to do a new test or my hemoglobin dropped again because since I had leukemia my hemoglobin is very low and if it drops a little for some reason I’m very weak,” he explained in the video.

In addition to his health problems, Andrés García has a controversy with Roberto Palazuelos, whom he called ungrateful and He challenged him to a gunfight. Until now, the black diamond He has not wanted to make the matter bigger and prefers to omit his opinion.


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