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Andrea Noli many thanks Elizabeth Álvarez for uniting Jorge Salinas with her daughter: “he is lucky to have her by his facet”

Andrea Nolli, famous actress, broke the silence about her daughter’s connection and actor Jorge Salinas, after they at last had a rapprochement. Also, He confessed what he thinks of the also actress and spouse of actor Elizabeth Álvarez. What do you think of her? Was it many thanks to Elizabeth Álvarez that Jorge Salinas regarded her paternity with her daughter? We notify you what the renowned mentioned.

It was in the month of August, all through a press convention, wherever Jorge Salinas shared for the first time that he was content to have his three daughters Gabriella, Valentina and Máxima. He preferred a man to treat them properly and spoke incredibly small about the reconciliation he had with his daughter Valentina, immediately after 16 decades of age.

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Confronted with this information and the recognition of his paternity, the enjoyment media right away spread the news. Nevertheless, a person who unquestionably created this feasible was the existing wife of the well-known, the actress Elizabeth Alvarez.


For this motive, in an interview with distinct media, Andrea Noli disclosed how she feels about this reconciliation and devoted a couple words and phrases to Álvarez. She mentioned that she only has very good expressions of her, because she is a girl who has tried out to unite them as a spouse and children:

“I have only gained rationale from her in a really awesome expression of wanting to unite us all, she is a person for the spouse and children,” he outlined.

Similarly, Andrea Noli additional that Jorge Salinas is very blessed to have actress Elizabeth Álvarez by his side:

“I consider he is good and extremely fortunate to have a girl like her by his facet,” he included.

Reference from www.milenio.com

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