Home Entertainment Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas’ daughter Valentina wants to be an actress

Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas’ daughter Valentina wants to be an actress

Andrea Noli and Jorge Salinas' daughter Valentina wants to be an actress

Some time ago it became known that valentinahandjob Jorge was with Salinas’ daughter Andrea touching, started her career as a model.

young girl, who, according to the actor, has nothing to do with him, Now he wants to try his luck in the same profession as his parents.

Valentina Makes Him Pinino

He’s starting to cast; Started doing very well. Of course, it’s the beginning and it’s a lot of trial and error, and it takes a lot of casting to go ahead and keep something,” Andrea Noli revealed.

Valentina’s mother informed her about the program windowing. “The thing that didn’t beat me is that I started very young because I dropped out of school. Dedicating myself to the profession, becoming a child actress is what I don’t like the most.”

Andrea Noli supports Valentina

“However, It’s great when someone has the facility or talent for something You can search for it. The sooner you find out the better.”

The actress clarified that He will always support his daughter. He said, “I am here to give her wings. And if she wants to enter the environment I am in, what better way to protect and guide her than that.”

Andrea Noli 2

Valentina hopes to find out if this is her calling

Despite these first attempts by Valentina to devote herself to acting, Andrea Noli hopes that in the future she will confirm his interest and, if not, will accompany him in whatever profession she chooses.

“we will see later, If you choose to remain in this profession or study other things. But I’m very happy and motivating him so much, with the exact same mindset, that one has to give the best of himself in everything: in the race, in life,” he mentioned.

“What should I do To be with her as a mother, to be with her And if that’s what his path is going to be, it will be,” she said, according to People en Espaol.

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