Home Entertainment Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021, in a new controversy (pics)

Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021, in a new controversy (pics)

Andrea Meza, Miss Universe 2021, in a new controversy (pics)

about two months after being crowned Miss Universe 2021, Andrea Meza was involved in a series of controversies.

From pre-made congratulations to your predecessor, Lupita Jones, suspicious of the Peruvians because their representatives did not win in the final, There is speculation that he will lose his crown,

In addition, the Instagram account of the “most beautiful and intelligent woman” has a picture where she wears a wedding dress and,Hour, it turns out that the Mexican has a plastic surgeon, close to a Pan deputy.

Andrea Meza considered surgeon

“I share it My brother is Miss Universe surgeon Andrea Meza, who proudly presents us with our beauty to the world as Chihuahuas ”, Pan deputy Rocio Meza wrote.

Confronting his mistake, he quickly turned down the post, however., his brother did not do so with the picture that records a possible relationship with the specialist.

Who is a Plastic Surgeon?

The MLA’s brother Rogelio Reza wrote in the post that The winner of the competition was still there when he met her.

“I’m glad to congratulate Andrea. It’s still so simple and authentic Like when I met him”, the surgeon wrote.

Criticism of Internet users in support of Andrea Meza

Rewrote the comments of netizens To upload photo to PAN and Doctor miss universe, some speculate that they conspired to make him lose his crown.

Several restrictions have been imposed by the organizers of the competition. The conditions are: not being married during the year of rule, or has been married before and No surgical intervention for “fair” competition.

Garment stolen?

Other disputes that have been added are Accusation of a dressmaker who slandered Meja for allegedly wearing a dress during the competition.

With regard to her photo with a wedding dress, it is a publicity act that was controversial.

Jorge Sanzo, the model with which he poses in the snapshot, specifies that this is a campaign he ran for state of chihuahua, cited infobae.com.

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