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Andrea Escalona presents her baby with an ultrasound on the ‘Hoy program’: “her first time on TV”

Andrea Escalante, famous host of today program of television, introduced her baby for the first time in a 6D ultrasound during the live morning broadcast. we tell you how this emotional moment was experienced in the company of Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta.

It was during the live broadcast of Televisa’s Hoy program where Andrea Escalona decided to share her baby with the audience for the first time in a 6D ultrasound.

Andrea Escalona reveals the sex of her baby on the Hoy program; she will have a boy: “resignify the masculine in me”

In the company of Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo and Tania Rincón, a specialist showed how the baby of Magda Rodríguez’s daughter looks very clearly and almost real to what it will be like when it is born. And it is that she did a 6D ultrasound, which allows her to see clearly.

“Hello doll; Hi gorgeous; wow; you will do very well ”, were some of the reactions of the famous when seeing the baby of her program partner.

They also presented the sound of the baby’s heart; something that moved the presenters. For her part, Escalona celebrated that this was the first time that her little one appeared on television, for which she remembered her mother Magda Rodríguez:

“His first time on TV. What do you feel, my love? Do you like TV just like your grandmother?” Escalona said.

As expected, this moment touched the audience that watches Televisa’s Hoy program, since the news of the presenter’s pregnancy was very surprising.


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