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Andrea Escalona explained the reasons why she decided to get pregnant with Marco, the father of her baby

Andrea Escalona introduced her partner during the revelation of her pregnancy Photo: Instagram/@andy_escalona/@programahoy

Since mid-June the presenter of the program today, Andrea Escalona She has been one of the personalities of the Mexican screens who has stolen the media eye after revealing her pregnancy, this event has been full of uncertainty, mainly in relation to her partner who is known as Marco.

From the first images shown by Escalona, ​​the public gaze was fixed on the father of her baby because, as the theater performer has also commented, It is not someone who belongs to the Mexican show business, fact that has stolen attention.

In this context, the daughter of the late television producer, Magda Rodríguez for the first time delved into detail about her relationship with Marco and remembered what were the reasons why she chose him as the father of her firstborn.

Andrea Escalona presented her baby's father to Hoy's public Photo: Instagram/@programahoy
Andrea Escalona presented her baby’s father to Hoy’s public Photo: Instagram/@programahoy

It was in an interview for the cameras of Formula Group where the presenter of Televisa He stressed that the father of his son is a wonderful man: When I met Marco I said he is the one (…) In August we met and in April we got pregnant”, he stressed.

The 36-year-old presenter confessed that it was important for her to have a partner with whom she shared some family resemblances: “For me it was very important with someone who could team up, who had values. Family is super important to him, just like it is to me.”, he indicated.

During his talk with Formula Groupthe actress also recalled that in her past she was skeptical about “love at first sight”, but since she met Marco her whole world changed: “I no longer believed so much in the story of the indicated one, but when I met him I did say ‘Wow!’ Perfect if you were the father of my children, that I know”, he recalled.

Andrea Escalona officially presented the sex of her baby Photo: Instagram/@programahoy
Andrea Escalona officially presented the sex of her baby Photo: Instagram/@programahoy

Later, Escalona pointed out that she fell in love with Marco for being a good person, who has accompanied her at every moment inside and outside the pregnancy, in addition, she emphasized that their relationship has always been based on mutual respect, affection and understanding.

“He is a good boy, I fell in love with him as a person, as a man of values, family, a good son, brother, friend. He has been with me at all times, that we have had a lot of love, understanding, respect in all our processes, ”he concluded.

The first time Marco appeared in the media eye was when Andrea Escalona presented the ultrasound of her pregnancy during the program today,there you could see the face of her lover while holding the hand of her lover during the ultrasound.

I want to thank my dad very much, ‘Markiño’, a better dad I couldn’t have had my babyto my aunt who has been my mother since Magda is gone, to my girls, Pau and Nati, my sisters, my father who is my best friend, Marco’s family and all of you, I love you very much” , shared in front of the cameras of Today.

In January 2022, Marco also appeared on the social networks of Andy at his new year’s party, where they showed off their love in a very reserved way. On the other hand, in an interview with the renowned entertainment journalist, Mara Patricia Castañeda, also a 35-year-old histrionics, she confessed that she preferred not to delve much into her partner, more than she was very happy and in love with her.

“I’m like one of my things for me and my boyfriend is for me, and more so if he’s not on TV, in all this stuff, and I love that he doesn’t, that he does his things… We share something together, but we also have individuality , I think that is very important; We are rediscovering ourselves as a couple, accompanying each other and I thank you very much for this difficult moment, ”she said on that occasion for the Mara Patricia Castañeda interview channel.


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