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Andrea Escalona confuses Miguel Hidalgo with Benito Juárez; they brand her as ignorant

Andrea Escalona confunde a Miguel Hidalgo con Benito Juárez

The driving force acquired a few criticisms on social networks after she confused “The father of the country” with the one with the tickets.

MEXICO CITY.- Andrea Escalona placeholder picture it was once more criticized after in a dynamic held within the morning this September 15, the presenter confuse the characters that make up the historical past of Mexico.

Andrea doesn’t know who “The father of the country” is.

This September 15, the daughter of the late producer of the morning (Magda Rodríguez), generated adverse feedback after her participation within the dynamic “Go to the blackboard”, by which Andrea Escalona needed to reply as quick as doable three primary questions of basic tradition and thus be capable of beat his opponent, on this case Andrea Legarreta.

Nonetheless, the presenter of the morning confused Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla with Benito Juárez, this error precipitated Web customers to label her as ignorant:

“Where did the eagle stop?”; “What dish is representative of its colors ?;” Identify of “The Father of the country”, requested Raúl Araiza. To this final query the younger lady replied: “Benito Juarez“bluntly.

Earlier than she was criticized on social media, within the discussion board additionally they made enjoyable of her, They identified that the query was a primary and basic information that’s taught from major college. Additionally they famous that the questions had been concerning the Mexico’s independence, so the solutions had been “logical”.

It’s price mentioning that It isn’t the primary time that Andrea Escalona has been harshly criticized for complicated a personality or not understanding a few matter. Nonetheless, she appears to disregard the barrage of assaults, taunts, and feedback towards you.

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